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Aeroelastics Lab researchers present talks at SU2 Conference



Doctoral researchers Charanya Venkatesan-Crome and Pedro Gomes have presented at the Virtual Conference for the CFD solver SU2.

It was the first annual conference under the new SU2 foundation, which brought together SU2 users and developers.

An open-source multi-physics solver originally created at Stanford University, SU2 is now actively developed by various universities and companies for multi-physics and aerodynamics applications.

The Aeroelastics team has mainly focused on contributions for aeroelastic problems, with their current work focussing on shape and topology optimisations, as well as improvements to the overall performance and efficiency of the SU2 code.


The Aero team gave two presentations, one in-depth feature talk and one ‘lightning talk’.

Doctoral Researcher Pedro Gomes presented a feature talk on hybrid parallelisation of the code, which aims to make the overall performance of the code more efficient and scalable.

Pedro says that “Not many of the developers are familiar with the new strategies, terminologies and syntax, so this was a really beneficial talk for the community.”

Charanya Venkatesan-Crome also presented a ‘lightning talk’ on FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) adjoint sensitivities for optimization. Charanya explains “The latest released code has the functionality to calculate static multizone sensitivities, and in FSI, we use this to drive aeroelastic shape optimizations.”

Charanya’s work tackles dynamic problems: “The idea is to drive shape optimization for dynamic aeroelastic problems; for instance, one of the applications is passive gust-load alleviation design.”

All the talks from the virtual event are now available for you to watch online.


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