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CSEI is contributing to Imperial’s systems research


Systems research

Our research is contributing to Imperial’s systems research focused on solving global societal and environmental challenges.

Systems research is found in groups across Imperial covering areas from systems engineering to systems biology, and systems medicine. Research methods, tools and techniques from different disciplines can be brought together to tackle complex challenges such as climate change, development of low-carbon energy systems, water management, resilience to disease, and innovative diagnostics and therapeutics for healthcare.

CSEI Co-Director Dr Ana Mijic is acvtively promoting systems research within Imperial College and in the process of establishing a systems research community. Earlier this week working alongside CSEI Internal Management Board member Dr Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Ana discussed our ongoing community building activities, such as research showcase events and creating a research network.

We invite you to explore the wealth of research being undertaken at the College using a systems perspective. Please get in touch - we welcome discussions with other academic, industry and policy institutions.



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Tim Gordon
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