South Kensington Panorama

This year the NGNI lab will be participating at the Great Exhibition Road Festival on 28–30 June 2019. We will be showcasing our latest interactive demonstrator that will immerse you in the debate - Why do we need implantable brain machine interfaces if wearable devices exist?

The market is already overflowing with wearable devices that claim to use our thoughts and emotions to control the likes of drones, wheelchairs or virtual reality applications. These devices rely on electroencephalography (EEG), i.e. the electrical signal that can be picked up using electrodes placed on the surface of the skull. To borrow a well know metaphor in the neuroscientific community, this is like trying to understand how a football match is going by sitting outside the stadium and listening to the cheers and boohoos of the crowd inside. Clearly, to have a more detailed feel of the game, we need to get inside the stadium and use directional microphones to listen to specific areas, but while this idea seems perfectly reasonable when applied to the stadium, it becomes less so when translated back to the brain.

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, we will showcase a bespoke interactive demo we have designed to help people understand the difference between the various types of brain interfaces and introduce the probe that we, at NGNI lab, are developing. With the help of a bigger than life size brain model, laser pointers and robotic hands, the visitors will embark on a guided journey through the science and fiction, biology and technology, myths and truths of brain interfaces.

More info coming soon...

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Francesca Troiani or Timothy Constandinou