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AB - This paper presents a compact direct digital waveletsynthesizer for extracting phase and amplitude data from corticalrecordings using a feed-forward recurrent digital oscillator.These measurements are essential for accurately decoding local-field-potentials in selected frequency bands. Current systemsextensively to rely large digital cores to efficiently performFourier or wavelet transforms which is not viable for manyimplants. The proposed system dynamically controls oscillation togenerate frequency selective quadrature wavelets instead of usingmemory intensive sinusoid/cordic look-up-tables while retainingrobust digital operation. A MachXO3LF Lattice FPGA is used topresent the results for a 16 bit implementation. This configurationrequires 401 registers combined with 283 logic elements andalso accommodates real-time reconfigurability to allow ultra-low-power sensors to perform spectroscopy with high-fidelity.
AU - Leene,L
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