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AB - Recent developments in the design of active im-plantable devices have achieved significant advances, for example,an increased number of recording channels, but too oftenpractical clinical applications are restricted by device longevity.It is important however to complement efforts for increased func-tionality with translational work to develop implant technologiesthat are safe and reliable to be hosted inside the human bodyover long periods of time. This paper first examines techniquescurrently used to evaluate micro-package hermeticity and keychallenges, highlighting the need for new,in situinstrumentationthat can monitor the encapsulation status over time. Two novelcircuits are then proposed to tackle the specific issue of moisturepenetration inside a sub-mm, silicon-based package. They bothshare the use of metal tracks on the different layers of the CMOSstack to measure changes in impedance caused by moisturepresent in leak cracks or diffused into the oxide layers.
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