The mission of the CDT to educate a critical mass of researchers equipped to respond to future research challenges and opportunities created by the data-revolution: highly qualified researchers with the ability to collect data using automated, high-throughput reaction platforms, and to apply quantitative and statistical approaches to data analysis and utilisation. This CDT assembles a multi-disciplinary team of internationally-leading researchers at Imperial College with academic and manufacturing expertise, augmented by recent investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and facilities (ROAR, Agilent measurement suite), we are poised to deliver a unique CDT to produce well-rounded individuals who are academically and technically able to tackle challenges of synthesis in the coming decades.

Profile of the Researcher produced by this CDT

  1. Multidisciplinary: Competency in core topics of synthetic chemistry, engineering and data science, with interdisciplinary research expertise in at least two of these areas.
  2. Technical proficiency: Able to make, measure and model reactions by using the latest synthesis and analytical tools, including automated reactors in combination with process/data analytical tools.
  3. Creative and collaborative: Effective team member, able to apply creative approaches to problem-solving.

CDT Staff

Directed by Profs Mimi Hii, Klaus Hellgardt and Sophia Yaliraki, the centre involves approx. 60 supervisors across several Academic Departments and Faculties at Imperial College, spanning Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, and the Computational Methods Hub.

Each research project will involve at least two academic supervisors with complementary expertise, and may include an additional industrial sponsor/advisor