MRes course (year 1)

CDT studentsThe first year of this CDT is structured as a standalone course for the UK cohort, where the students will progress through a common academic program in scheduled classes. The course includes 3 mandatory taught components, aimed at underpinning the fundamentals in synthetic chemistry, engineering and statistical sciences. Each student will also undertake a 9-month individual research project in a chosen area.

PhD (years 2-4)

The formal taught courses will be reduced to allow the student more time to pursue their independent project in subsequent years.

Facilities and training

A key feature of this CDT is the accessibility of centralised and managed facilities such as ROAR, and the Agilent Advanced Measurement Suite to provide access to a range of automated reactors, ideal for delivering cohort-based practical workshops. The workshops will be given by technical experts from the hardware and software suppliers. Certificates of attendance will be issued and recorded on the students’ skill training record.

Throughout the programme, the students will also be expected to undertake professional and personal development courses, offered by the award-winning Graduate School.

Placements and internships

All students will be encouraged to undertake a period of placement and internship, in an industrial or an academic collaborator’s lab abroad, during or immediately after their PhD.