Imperial College Technicians’ Network

All staff in the technical job family are encouraged to join the Imperial College Technicians’ Network. The Network aims to build links and establish common ground as well as providing further opportunities for development and collaborative working including exchange of resources, knowledge and experience.

More information can be found on the College pages on Development for Technicians. To join the Imperial College Technicians’ Network, please contact Lindsay Comalie (


The Higher Education and Technicians Education and Development (HEaTED) is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting the professional development of technical staff in higher education. Imperial College has a corporate membership for HEaTED, so any technician from the College can register to become a member of HEaTED. As a member you will get access to the HEaTED website and online training and will be eligible for membership rates for in-person training.

If you do decide to register, please use your Imperial College e-mail address when registering.