Key Dates

NHLI Deadlines:

Autumn Review: Tuesday 17th September 2019

When jobs are created they are matched to a level within a job family (e.g. Professional, Technical, Operational, Learning & Teaching, Academic & Research families). There are criteria for each level within each job family which set out the types of activities and responsibilities that an individual at that level is expected to undertake.

When individuals are appointed there is an expectation that they will grow and develop in the role as they acquire knowledge, skills and experience. This development is reflected in the annual salary increment that is awarded up to the top of the scale. There may also be modifications to the remit of the role in response to changes and demands at Department, Faculty and College level which may mean that the job description needs to be reviewed and revised.

In most cases members of staff progress to higher levels within a job family by developing the knowledge, skills and experience required to apply for a role at a higher level (internally or externally).

In a very small number of cases the remit of the role and the level of responsibility changes significantly over time and it is in these situations that the staff member or their line manager may want to request that the job level is reviewed. Applications go through a three-stage review: NHLI panel, Faculty of Medicine panel and College panel.

A request for a job level review should only be made when there has been a genuine increase in job role and responsibility over a significant period of time.  It should not be used as a reward for good performance.

If you want to apply for a job level review please talk to your line manager and the NHLI Career Development Coordinator, Alex Dawes, before submitting an application.

The job level review process takes place three times a year and covers staff in the Professional, Technical, Operational, and Learning and Teaching job families (up to and including Level 6) and applications to Level B (Research Associate) and Level C (Research Fellow) in the Academic and Research Family.

If you wish to apply, please submit all paperwork by email for the relevant deadline.

 For more information please see the College Job Level Review webpages.