You may find these higher education and career blogs interesting

Books on curved shelves

Global Academy Jobs - latest news and career tips

The Guardian Academics Anonymous - the blog series where academics tell it like it is

Association of University Administrators (AUA) - a space to voice opinion, inform, celebrate and share perspectives of working in higher education administration and management today

Association of Heads of University Administration (AHUA) - opinion pieces from different perspectives and universities

WonkHE - higher education - for people interested and engaged in higher education policy, people and politics

Higher Education Academy (HEA) learning and teaching blog - bringing together the HE learning and teaching community to debate and share innovation

Times Higher Education (THE) blog

Jobs on toast - a blog written for researchers who’ve asked themselves the following questions: What jobs can I do after my PhD? How can I market myself to employers outside of academia? What skills and experience are non-academic employers looking for? When should I quit applying for academic jobs and start looking elsewhere? blogs 

NHLI blog - community news for staff and students. Why not write something?

Imperial medicine blog - a public-facing platform for researchers, students and staff to share stories with the wider world

The Faculty of Medicine staff blog - for medicine staff to share internally-relevant updates with the rest of the Faculty