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In February 2019 the NHLI took part in the biennial Imperial staff survey. Our completion rate was 68%, an increase of 8% since 2017.

The results showed that:

  • The overwhelming majority of NHLI staff have good working relationships with their colleagues (91% positive response rate).
  • Staff feel empowered to organise their own time and work flexibly. 96% say “As long as I get my work done, I am trusted to organise my workload in a way that suits me".
  • Staff feel able to raise concerns about safety and that the NHLI will take steps to ensure their safety in the workplace (94% positive response rate).
  • Most staff report that their line manager takes their PRDP seriously (78% - significantly above faculty and College averages).

Survey responses also identified areas we can further improve, and we created a Staff Survey Action Plan to address these and implement real change.

To improve culture at the NHLI we will be:

Rolling out Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training across the department. Our focus will be on Unconscious Bias, how to be an Active Bystander and training managers to identify and tackle bullying and harassment.

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Ensuring information on Mental Health First Aid is accessible and staff know who to approach if they want to discuss any concerns.

Implementing a Speak Up Speak Out campaign to include anonymous suggestion boxes and regular emails to poll staff on how thy view their work life. Suggestions will be implemented by the EDI Committee.  

Download the full NHLI Staff Survey Action Plan 2019.