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Professor Michael Schneider
Lead academic
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What we do

The section is focused on the molecular genetics of cardiac muscle growth, death and regeneration, building on insights from developmental and stem cell biology. Our research is directed towards understanding how the function of the constituent cells of the heart leads to the clinical manifestations of disease and how new treatments may be discovered and tested.

Why it is important

The genetic circuits driving heart formation in the embryo and in embryonic stem cells are instrumental not only to congenital malformations of the heart, but also to cardiac adaptation to stress in acquired heart disease and the prospects for enhancing regeneration and repair. 

Impact of our research

Using mouse genetics, pluripotent stem cells, adult cardiac stem cells, and human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes as our main engines of discovery, we study regulatory networks that govern heart muscle cell formation, growth, and survival. These combined approaches enable us to decode essential mechanisms of cardiac biology and disease, and offer unprecedented insights into therapeutic opportunities.

Summary of current research

Molecular Embryology

Aims to determine how during embryonic development and tissue homeostasis abnormal or aberrant cells are recognised and eliminated. For this we use a combination of in vitro stem cell and in vivo animal models that allow us to study the cell-intrinsic and cell-extrinsic mechanisms that control cellular fitness during embryonic development, and in the adult. Our aim is by gaining an in depth understanding of this question to provide novel avenues to control cellular homeostasis in disease-relevant settings.
Researcher: Dr Tristan Rodriguez

Cardiac Regeneration

Investigating regenerative medicine with emphasis on the inflammatory milieu, macrophages, and their regulation by insulin-like growth factor-1.
Researcher: Professor Nadia Rosenthal

Cardiac Myogenesis, Death and Regeneration

Study of dormant stem cells from adult myocardium and proteins including MAP4K4 that couple cell stress to cardiac muscle cell death.
Researcher: Professor Michael Schneider

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