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Impact of our research

Basic Discovery:

  • Discovery of PARP-14 as a post-transcriptional regulator of Tissue Factor expression in macrophages (Haskard).
  • Demonstration that ATF1 mediates induction of HO-1 by heme, with AMPK and ATF1 acting to regulate the normal resolution of tissue haemorrhage in vivo (Boyle).
  • Discovery of the transcription factor ERG as a master regulator of endothelial homeostasis and angiogenesis (RandiBirdsey).
  • Definition of the homeostatic role of endothelial PKCε signalling pathways and the vascular protective actions of the immunosuppressive drug methotrexate (Mason). 
  • Identification of the role of von Willebrand Factor in angiogenesis (Randi). 

Translational studies:

  • Identification of IgG immunoglobulins as biomarkers of protection from major adverse cardiovascular events in hypertension (KhamisHaskard).
  • Development of near infrared fluorescence intravascular and whole body imaging of oxidised low density lipoproteins in atherosclerosis (Khamis).
  • Identification of therapeutic iron as a cause of endothelial injury, DNA damage and haemorrhage (Shovlin).
  • Definition and validation of novel multiphenotype quantitative traits for circulatory disease and homeostasis (Shovlin).

Summary of current research

  • Autoantibodies against modified low density lipoproteins that protect against cardiovascular disease (Khamis,Haskard).
  • Genetically engineered antibody constructs for the targeting of oxidised LDL in atherosclerosis (PET and NIRF agents) (Khamis)
  • Transcriptional and epigenetic control of endothelial lineage and heterogeneity (Randi, Birdsey).
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic pathways in the endothelium controlled by the transcription factor ERG (Randi).
  • Regulation of angiogenesis by VEGF signalling to ETS transcription factors (Birdsey).
  • Lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic vessels homeostasis (Birdsey)
  • Von Willebrand Factor and angiogenesis: molecular pathways and patients studies (Randi).
  • Investigation of the regulation of endothelial protective pathways and optimisation of the management of large vessel vasculitis. (Mason).
  • Macrophage gene expression in atherosclerosis, focussing on AMPK-ATF1 and haemorrhage responses (Boyle).
  • Protein-mRNA interactions involved in regulating Tissue Factor expression and thrombosis (Haskard)
  • Identification of new pathogenic genes, and interrogation of multiphenotype quantitative traits for HHT and pulmonary AVMs within the 100,000 Genomes Project (Shovlin).
  • Reversal of molecular defects that cause hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (Shovlin).
  • Delineating the mechanisms of autoantibody-mediated endothelial dysfunction in systemic autoimmune diseases (Pericleous)
  • The mechanistic relationship between local arterial biomechanics, evaluated by state of the art fluid structure interaction modelling, and the formation of advanced coronary atherosclerotic plaques (de Silva).