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Deadline: currently closed to applications.

New round of applications due to open in late autumn 2019.

We regret that we cannot consider late applications or forms that have been incorrectly completed under any circumstances. 

Application form [DOCX]Read reports of previous winners

The NHLI Foundation has generously donated funds to support travel awards for NHLI researchers for the purpose of presenting at conferences or attending scientific workshops in the fields of cardiovascular and respiratory research. This fund was supplemented by the Michael Alberman Travel Award endowment allowing a higher number of awards to be made.

Applicants can apply for funding to cover extraordinary costs relating to caring responsibilities when presenting at such meetings e.g. costs related to caring for dependents, such as parents or funds required to cover additional childcare costs whilst attending a meeting.  Applicants may also apply for funding for extra-ordinary costs in addition to travel funding which they have already secured from other sources. This scheme is for individuals who do not have any other sources of travel funds, and where these are available they should be utilized before applying to the NHLI Travel Awards scheme. 

After attending a conference those in receipt of an NHLI Foundation travel award are expected to provide a report detailing the conference proceedings and how the event relates to their own research.  This document will be used to communicate to their colleagues within NHLI as well as to the Foundation.  This report should be written within one week of returning from the conference attended and submitted by email to


You must be an NHLI Postdoctoral Research Associate or Research Fellow (Level B or C), a Lecturer or Senior Clinical Lecturer in the first two years since appointment, a PhD student, a research assistant or a technician.  In all cases you must hold an appointment which extends at least two months beyond the date of conference or workshop you are applying to attend. Awards can only be made to an individual once per calendar year, ie, an awardee cannot apply in the 3 next rounds.

We regret that we cannot consider requests for conferences which take place before March 1st January 2019 or which have already been paid for from other sources. Requests for conferences for which abstract acceptance status is unknow before application deadline will be considered but if an award is made, it will be provisional until acceptance.

Costs can include:

  • Airfare, rail or other travel as appropriate (including local travel)
  • Hotel or other accommodation (including AirBnB)
  • Subsistence
  • Registration fees
  • Extra-ordinary costs relating to caring responsibilities
  • Specialist training courses (UK only)

Costs cannot include: 

  • Expenses which have already been incurred
  • Research expenses
  • Contributions towards salaries
  • Equipment
  • Departmental costs
  • Bench fees
  • Routine training courses or ones outside the UK
  • Collaborative research visits
  • Medical insurance
  • Excess baggage costs
  • Expenses due to cancellations – not liable for costs if activity is cancelled.
  • Shipping costs
  • Visa charges
  • Work permits
  • Immunisations
  • Poster printing

Travel awards will be paid via an expense claim with appropriate receipts up to the amount of the award.

Extra-ordinary cost related to caring responsibilities awards

The limit for these awards is flexible and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

The completed application should be sent  by email to - applications are currently closed.