Student by poster

If you wish to discuss joining our group to complete a PhD please contact or any of our named supervisors for advice.


Mary Brian (October 2015- )
Developing new methods for identifying important biological proteins present in ambient air pollution.  
Supervised by: Professor JarvisDr Jones and Professor Burney.

Jen Canizales (July 2016- )
Laboratory animal allergy: a changing world. 
Supervised by: Dr JonesProfessor Cullinan and Dr Feary.

Alicia Gayle (October 2017- )
Mortality in COPD: Trends, Causes and Prevention.
Supervised by: Dr Quint and Dr Minelli.

Amy MacDougall (August 2016- ) 
Towards understanding the causal mechanisms driving growth and nutrition in early Cystic Fibrosis.
Supervised by: 
Professor Jarvis and Dr Stanojevic, University of Toronto.

Anne Marie Russell (p/t, June 2013 - )
Development of a Patient Reported Outcome Measure to assess and monitor health status in patients diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF):  IPF PRoM study. 
Supervised by: Professor Cullinan, Dr Maher and Professor Georgina Jones, Leeds Beckett University.

Anne Morgan (June 2015-  )
Vascular disease among people with COPD: towards better prevention and treatment.
Supervised by: Dr Quint.

Asaad Nafees (September 2018- ) 
MultiTex RCT - Multifaceted intervention package for protection against cotton dust exposure among textile workers – a cluster randomized controlled trial. 
Supervised by: Professor BurneyProfessor Cullinan and Dr De Matteis.

Jaymini Patel (August 2015- )
Investigation of risk factors of chronic airflow obstruction in the BOLD study using Bayesian methods to increase power Ph. 
Supervised by: Dr Minelli and Professor Burney.

Jate Ratanachina (June 2017- )
The influence of occupational exposures on respiratory health with a specific focus on low- and middle-income countries.
Supervised by: Professor Burney, Professor Cullinan and Dr De Matteis.

Carl Reynolds (October 2016 - )
Is occupational asbestos exposure an under-recognized cause of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis? 
Supervised by: Professor Cullinan.