Researcher in cardiovascular science in the BHF Centre for Research Excellence laboratories

The NHLI is an international centre of training excellence for basic, respiratory, vascular and cardiac sciences

Welcome by Professor Tony Magee – Director of Postgraduate studies at the NHLI

At the NHLI we welcome applications from outstanding students from around the world for our MRes and PhD programmes for basic scientists, as well as MD(Res) and PhD programmes for clinical scientists. Our postgraduate research students interact with world leaders in their fields and have the opportunity to conduct research within a highly motivating environment. Our students find they make important contacts and friendships which last a career. Within the NHLI, students have access to an excellent and award winning network of supervisors, as well as mentors and experienced postgraduate tutors. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our People

Postgraduate tutors 

 Omar usmani Dr Omar Usmani – Brompton
Jenni Quint Dr Jenni Quint – Brompton
Vania Braga Dr Vania Braga – South Kensington
Charlotte Dean Dr Charlotte Dean - South Kensington
Michael Edwards Dr Mike Edwards – St Mary’s
Tristan rodriguez Dr Tristan Rodriguez - Hammersmith
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Postgraduate research directors 

 Tony Magee Director of Postgraduate Studies Professor Tony Magee
 Uta Griesenbach

Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies Professor Uta Griesenbach
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* Please note that applications for our postgraduate research programmes received without prior consultation with a supervisor or through one of our open schemes are very unlikely to be accepted *