POGO LogoPogo is an elastodynamic finite element solver developed by members of the NDT lab. Pogo has been demonstrated to produce the same results as commercial alternatives, but by exploiting the processing power of Nvidia graphics cards, does this 100-200 times faster. The software can be used for a variety of problems in elastodynamics, including ultrasonic and geophysical modelling.

Pogo is released open source, under the GNU General Public License, to allow members of the community to modify and adjust the code to suit their needs.

Pogo can be downloaded by visiting the website http://www.pogo-fea.com/


Pogo has a number of advantages over commercial CPU alternatives.

  • Pogo has been shown to be much faster, which allows large models to be run, or parametric studies to be performed within sensible time-frames.
  • Pogo is open source, so
    • you do not have to waste time dealing with licenses
    • you can use it free of charge
    • you can adjust the program to meet your needs
    • you can fix bugs rapidly, without having to wait for the next update to be provided
  • Pogo interfaces well with Abaqus
    • A translator is provided which converts an Abaqus input file into a Pogo input file
  • Pogo interfaces well with Matlab
    • Matlab functions are provided to load data in directly from the Pogo output files
    • Matlab tools are provided to enable post-processing/visualisation of data.

System requirements

Nvidia GPU with CUDA compute v1.3 or above.

If compiling from source code, any platform (in theory) is supported. 64-bit linux binaries are supplied; these require access to the CUDA v5 libraries.

Further Information

All questions and comments should be addressed to the author:

Dr Peter Huthwaite
Non-destructive testing
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Imperial College
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2AZ
Tel: +44 (0)207 5947227
Fax: +44 (0)207 5945709

More information can be found on the Pogo website: http://www.pogo-fea.com/