Once a month during term-time the CNE hosts hour-long Seminars that are open to students and academics across the College and beyond. With presentations from senior external figures in academia, industry and government, the Seminar Series aims to keep the CNE at the forefront of global nuclear research and initiatives and cement its position as a focal point of the UK nuclear community. We also put on refreshments and nibbles at the end to facilitate further discussions and networking, and this approach born fruit in the past in terms of collaborations and generation of research ideas.

A schedule for 2016-17 can be found below. Please check back often for updates.

2016-17 CNE Seminar Series Schedule
SpeakerTitleDate, time and location
Mr David Hess, World Nuclear Association - Communications Manager Recent Developments in Global Nuclear Markets Wednesday 12 October, 16:00, G06
Prof Francis Livens, University of Manchester - Professor of Radiochemistry and Research Director at the Dalton Institute Actinide Behaviour in Natural and Engineered Environments Wednesday 16 November, 15:00, G05
Prof Claude Degueldre, Lancaster University - Professor of Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Energy as a Renewable? Tuesday 6 December, Midday, G01
Dr Ian Scott, Moltex Energy LLP - Managing Director The Stable Salt Reactor: The Advantages of Static Molten Salt Fuel Wednesday 18 January, 15:00, G05
Mr Malcolm Grimston, Imperial College London, Centre for Environmental Technology - Honorary Senior Research Fellow Public Perception of Nuclear Power - It's not (just) about the Science Wednesday 8 February, 15:00, G05
Prof Ian Chapman, UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) - CEO The Path to Delivering Fusion Energy Wednesday 22 March, 14:00, G05
Dr Alan Costley, Tokamak Energy - Consultant Compact Fusion: Opportunities and Challenges of a Potentially Faster Route to Fusion Power Wednesday 19 April 15:00, G05
For further information please contact j.tate@imperial.ac.uk
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