Nuclear Advisory Committee, 2016

Inside the Ballroom, 58 Prince's Garden, where the NAC 2016 was held

On Wednesday March 16 2016, the Centre for Nuclear Engineering hosted the Nuclear Advisory Committee at Imperial College London. Held in the comfortable surroundings of 58 Prince's Garden, the day began with the Director Prof Bill Lee delivering a 45-minute presentation on the CNE's achievements over the past year, and the goals for the future. Bill was followed by Dr Mike Bluck, the CNE Deputy Director, who presented on the progress of the ICO-CDT in Nuclear Energy. After a short break, CNE academic representatives delivered presentations on their respective department's current research, which stimulated technical discussions and helped outline areas of possible collaboration. After lunch, several PhD students and PDRAs delivered presentations on their research projects.

In the afternoon, the emphasis of the meeting shifted to the UK and global nuclear scene, and the future areas of growth and interest to industry and academia. Towards the end of the day, the NAC advised the CNE on its teaching and research strategy. On the whole, the NAC endorsed the purpose and activities of the CNE, and helped identify areas where the Centre should focus in the near future.

Presentations from the day can be accessed below. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the NAC delegates for their constructive participation, 58 Prince's Garden for their fantastic service, and the CNE academic, students and support staff for their hard work in making the meeting possible.