Monitoring and overseeing local management and development; promoting engagement across the College; and identifying and managing associated risks

The delivery of a portfolio of change projects is the responsibility of the newly formed Transformation Investment Board (TIB) on behalf of the Provost's Board, with the Project Resource and Investment Board (PRIB) performing the College-wide review of all proposed projects.

The governance of approved projects is then delegated to the individual Programme Boards.

governance structureIf your project requires PRIB approval, please see the PRIB web page for information on the process for submitting a business case to obtain project approval and funding.

Board Members for current programmes


 NameSpace Role
Chris Banks Chair of Space Board
James McSean Link to the Provost
Nazia Hirjee Faculty Representative (Natural Sciences)
Jon Tucker Faculty Representative (Business School)
Richard Martin Faculty Representative (Engineering)
Chris Watkins Faculty Representative (Medicine)
TBC Student Union Representative
TBC Student Union Representative
John Neilson Strategic alignment to the Space Executive group
Shauna Murphy Alignment with Space Management and Planning
David Ashton Sponsor for Timetabling projects
John Crook Lead for Academic & Examination Timetabling, key stakeholder for Room Booking
Tony Lawrence Lead for Charging for Space workstream
Nick Roalfe Lead for Access & Security
Jane Neary Alignment to Campus Services
Mike Russell Sponsor for Integrated Room Support
Lorraine Templeton-Cross Business Support Service Line Manager
Josie Lewis-Gibbs Lead for Space Management Information
Kenny Weir Acting Head of Department for Physics
Pat Evans Departmental Operations Manager for Natural Sciences
Mike Horner Education Service Line Manager
Leigh Sims Programme Manager role
Simon Crisp Secretariat duties

Please note: Members of the Transformation Investment Board (TIB) are not permanent members of the Board, but are openly invited to join any meeting as they wish


 NamePositionEducation (SIMP) Role
Alan Spivey Professor of Synthetic Chemistry, Assistant Provost (Learning & Teaching) Chair, Programme Sponsor
John Neilson College Secretary Board Member
Mike Russell Chief Information Officer Board Member
David Ashton Academic Registrar Board Member
Louise Lindsay Director of HR & Organisational Change Staff Development Champion
Professor Emma McCoy Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Natural Sciences Academic Representative
Professor Omar Matar Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering Academic Representative
Dr Edgar Meyer Associate Dean of UG Programmes & Educational Quality, Business School Academic Representative
Ms Susan English Director Education Management & Programme Director Education, Faculty of Medicine Academic Representative
Nazia Hirjee Faculty Operating Office (Natural Sciences) Faculty Representative
Chris Watkins Faculty Operating Office (Medicine) Faculty Representative
Richard Martin Faculty Operating Office (Engineering) Faculty Representative
Jon Tucker Faculty Operating Office (Business School) Faculty Representative
John Whitlow Director of Financial Services & Procurement Board Member
Alex Compton President (Imperial College Union) Student Development Champion
Hannah Bannister Director of Student Services Board Member
Marc Gray Programme Director, Operational Excellence Board Member
Trevor Day Programme Manager Board Member
James Balloch Deputy Academic Registrar Business Authority
Russell Gibson Head of Service Strategy & Planning Technical Authority
Andrew Tebbutt Director of Student Recruitment & Outreach Board Member
Tara Jewell Business Change Manager Board Member