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Performing a College-wide review of change projects to support the delivery of the College strategy and priorities

The role of the Project Resource & Investment Board (PRIB) is to perform a College-wide review of all proposed projects in order to:

  • Review proposed projects for their alignment to the College Strategy and the TIB 2017/18 priorities
  • Review proposed projects for feasibility and recommending sequencing and prioritisation against staff resources and change appetite
  • Challenge project approaches to consider the most advantageous option
  • Resolving conflicting demands from the proposed changes and ensuring that the demands of regulatory compliance are met

If your proposed project ticks one or more of the boxes below, it will need to be submitted to PRIB for review. Where funding is required outside of local budgets, PRIB will make a recommendation to the Transformation Investment Board (TIB) to approve the project and release TIB funding.

Which projects should go to PRIB?


Projects where the potential benefits will impact a wide range of stakeholders**, including staff and students


Projects requiring significant engagement or impacting on resources from other areas of the College


Projects that are not business as usual and require funding from outside of local budgets

*The Transformation Investment Board (TIB) has been established to govern the portfolio of change projects, which support the College's mission of delivering excellence across Education, Research and Support Services. If your project is approved by PRIB and requires funding it will be recommended to TIB for final approval.
If you are unsure whether your proposed project requires PRIB approval, please discuss this with your project sponsor or seek advice from the PRIB secretariat.

PRIB Members