Why are we changing to TalentLink from IRecruitment?

IRecruitment is  no longer fit for purpose in terms of our hiring experience, the hiring data we are able to capture and the way we present the College as an Employer.

How will I know who my recruitment administrator is?

The names of each Recruitment Adminsitrator for each Faculty will be available on the recruitment website from mid-October.

After the closing date, HR administrators email me the applications received. Will that process change?

No. You will also be able to go into the system and input applications.

Will the process of recruiting temporary staff change?


Is the contract change request process going to change?


How will notes be converted into the system following shortlisting and interview?

The designated Recruitment Administrator will upload files into TalentLink.

Are paper requests to recruit and issue contract forms being abolished and being replaced by email communication?

Yes. Recruitment Administrators will be emailed by a Hiring Manager who will provide the JD and advert requirements.

Will there be training for Hiring Managers?

Yes training will be available online.

If I am not a Recruitment Administrator will I be able to see the Talent Link Dashboard?

If you are a member of the recruitment team you will be able to see the TalentLink Dashboard. Hiring Managers will also be able to see the TalentLink Dashboard if the rec sits within their team.

Will managers be able to login to TalentLink and see applications submitted?


Do Hiring managers need to access the system to input data/information?

Recruitment Administrators are responsible for updating the system with information/data. Hiring Managers will be able to approve and make comments with regards to the approval process for the JD and at the contract stage, beyond this, any other data entry does not sit with the Hiring Manager role.

If I need to add /remove / change an approver to TalentLink, who do we contact?

Can approvals be forwarded onto another team member?

Yes, approvals can be delegated

Will the JD and Person Spec be paper based or online?

The JD and Person Spec will both be entered online. JD templates will be saved in the document library and will be able to be edited.

Whose responsibility will it be to complete the request to recruit form?

The Recruitment Administrator will be responsible, however, how the information is received will vary from department to department.

Can candidates save application forms as they go through their application?

Yes. Applications can be saved and resumed at a later date.

When a new request to recruit comes through is it automatically assumed that it is correct?

No, there is still a second approval process.

Do jobs need to be graded before the request to recruit

When a request to recruit is filled out, the Recruitment Administrator will liaise with HR for review. At that point, if a job evaluation is necessary it will be done prior to the request to recruit going live.

What training do I need?

Classroom training for Recruitment Administrators will be delivered through September and October 2017. Invitations to attend training will be sent during August.

Those undertaking Recruitment Administrator tasks have been identified and notified of these duties moving forward.  If you have any questions regarding these duties, please contact your Senior HR Manager.

Hiring managers and Approvers do not need to attend training classes.  Online training guides will be available from 9 October on HR’s intranet page.

Why is a two week advertising pause necessary?

We need a two week pause for new advertisements because we can’t have two recruitment websites running at the same time.  To be clear, we will be advertising roles in iRecruitment during this time, and the backend will still be live until January so you can still progress recruitment processes for roles that are put into the system before the pause. 

 The restriction will only be on advertising new roles.  The new system's back end will be up and running during the pause, so you can enter in new roles, but they won’t appear on the website (and candidates won’t be able to apply) until the new site is up (31st October). 

This means that roles will need to be advertised before the window (in iRecruitment) or after (in the new system TalentLink).

We understand that this is disruptive and apologise for that but this is the lowest-impact approach we could find.


Some major sponsors expect to see an advert/contract/extensions. Will they be able to see hard copies in the future?

You will be able to print a report of the audit trail to send to major sponsors.

If as a Hiring Manager I put out several adverts through Talent Link. Will I have a single Recruitment Administrator for all of those adverts?

You will not necessarily have the same Recruitment Administrator for all your recruitments.  This will be dependent on the setup within your Faculty/Division.  The list of Recruitment Administrators by department is available on the website.  If there is a pool or you have different RAs for different types of recruitment then you may have multiple RAs to deal with.  You will be able to see clearly and easily who the RA is for each recruitment on the dashboard as soon as you log into Talent Link. 

Once recruitment is finished will information still be retrievable from the system?

Yes, information about hired candidates will be held in the system for the entirety of their employment within the College, information regarding unsuccessful candidates will be archived in accordance with Data Protection laws and the upcoming GDPR regulations.

Will the system flag how long approvals have been in the system?

Yes, you will be able to see who is responsible for approving and the status of the approval.

What happens if an administrator is on annual leave or sick leave?

Work can be delegated to somebody else within the team providing they have been added to the job vacancy.

Will Research Services have the opportunity to add comments regarding approvals?

Yes. Comments are able to be added via TalentLink regardless of approval or rejection.

How will the system know who the approvers are?

All the Department, HR, Finance and Research approvers have been loaded into the system.   Recruitment Administrators will be able to choose the approvers when a vacancy is created. (The Recruitment Administrator will have to know who they are going to choose from a drop down, by entering their name the email for that approver will appear.)

Will appointments that do not require a recruitment process be affected by the new system?


How many Hiring Managers can you have on one post?

You can add additional staff to the operational team but they have to be added in order to track the job.    One person will be designated as the Hiring Manager for the recruitment but all members of the team will have similar access to track and act on the recruitment.

Can you clarify that Talent Link is just for recruitment processes and not contract change requests.

Yes.  Contract change requests will not go through TalentLink.

Will the JD bank be integrated/linked to other systems and will other entitlements be captured here?

No, it will only show job descriptions that have been entered by Recruitment Administrators.

NB. The system does allow you to copy the job advert, but you will continue to pick up the JD from the bank.

Now that we have a process in place, will there be SLAs with clear timescales for each activity?

Initially there will be no new SLAs introduced.  As we gather information about the process new SLAs and KPIs may be developed.

How will we be able to communicate with applicants?

All required communication with applicants can be done via the system. This includes:

Invite or reject for short listing interview and send the contract offer or reject. The system also enables administrators to send an email to candidates with the interview schedule, allowing candidates to select the interview time that suits them best and saving on administration time.

Will candidates account details be integrated with accounts payable?

No – That is not captured as part of the Recruitment process.

Has analysis been done in terms of extra resources and savings being made within departments / faculties?

There isn’t enough baseline data to establish how much time is spent on recruitment processes currently.  However we expect a significant amount of administration time to be saved through the utilisation of the new system and standard processes and that the average time to hire will reduce.  The system will enable us to produce accurate data on the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment processes going forward.

Where do we process recruitments advertised prior to mid-October on iRecruitment?

They will be processed using iRecruitment and staff will have until January 31 to finalise the vacancy. If on boarding is not complete by 31 January, the recruitment will have to be uploaded into TalentLink for further action. 

Once the jobs is live on iRecruitment are we able to make changes to the advert?

Yes you can make changes to the advert, however, you will have to re-submit the advert to update any changes



Does Talent Link come with an idea of how good 3rd party websites such as jobs.ac.uk are in terms of recruiting?

The new process requires recruitment Administrators to enter the details and costs of advertising and agencies into TalentLink.  This will enable us to generate reports on the effectiveness and value for money of different recruitment websites and other third parties.

What will happen in a scenario where a vacancy posted on iRecruitment needs to be extended due to visa needs?

The agreed process is that for all potential visa jobs they need to be advertised 4 weeks beforehand to all for the required time. 

NB. You will not be able to transfer the job to TalentLink but will have to set a new one up again.

Where it says applications closed on 30th – does that mean closing date of advert or finishing of shortlisting.

Closing date of advert

Will open jobs be migrated to Talent Link?

No. Nothing will be migrated.

If Recruitment Administrators receive feedback from departments who should we contact.

What will the Recruitment Administrator training involve?

Attendees will receive training on:

-          Recruitment op model

-          Talent Link ( Including Exercises)

-          View of end to end process.

**Attendance is compulsory for all who will be undertaking the role of a Recruitment Administrator. Access will not be granted to the system until training has been undertaken.