How will I know who my recruitment administrator is?

The names of each Recruitment Administrator for each Faculty will be available on the recruitment website from mid-October.

After the closing date, HR administrators email me the applications received. Will that process change?

No. You will also be able to go into the system and input applications.

Will the process of recruiting temporary staff change?

No, temporary staff who are paid via an agency are not within the scope of this system. This system only covers permanent, fixed term / temporary employees who are employed directly by the College.

How will notes be converted into the system following shortlisting and interview?

The designated Recruitment Administrator will upload files into TalentLink.

Is there training for Hiring Managers?

Yes training will be available online and light training sessions will be provided.

If I am not a Recruitment Administrator will I be able to see the Talent Link Dashboard?

If you are set as a Hiring Manager or a member of the requisitions operational team you will be able to see the requisition on your TalentLink Dashboard. All college employees automatically have access as a Hiring Manager to the TalentLink system.


Will managers be able to login to TalentLink and see applications submitted?

Yes, but only when the candidate’s status is set to “In process”. You can do this by moving your selected candidates to the “Panel Decision” step.

My attached Job Description appears on my advert, but the attachment isn’t working?

Your JD attachment will not pull through if it’s more than 64 characters long or if it contains one of the following characters - ! * ‘ ( ) ; : @ & = + $ , / ? # [ ] You will need to:

1.      Un-post the requisition on Talentlink under the posting tab

2.      Rename your JD attachment and resave it to your computer

3.      Click to repost your advert under the posting tab and reattach your JD attachment

What is the Job Description Tab used for when uploading a requisition?

The Job Description tab within the system is where you create your job advert/ copy and paste your job advert text.

We appreciate this may seem confusing; unfortunately, this tab name cannot be edited/ renamed within TalentLink.

In the job posting pop up window, you then import the text from the Job Description tab by using the drop down options in the top left. Please remember that at the bottom of this window, you then need tick the box to attach the full job description document to your advert.

Do Hiring managers need to access the system to input data/information?

Recruitment Administrators are responsible for updating the system with information/data. Hiring Managers will be able to approve and make comments with regards to the approval process for the JD and at the contract stage, beyond this, any other data entry does not sit with the Hiring Manager role.

Why can’t I see the Job Description to attach to my advert?

You need to make sure that your attachment is available for the careers website. You can do this by:

1.       Selecting the Job Content tab.

2.       Click the attachments sub tab.

3.       Select your Job Description document, if it is not there then you will need to upload it to the system by selecting to attach a document.

4.       In the Edit Document pop up window tick Available for careers site.

5.       Go back to the Posting tab and at the bottom of your job advert pop up window you can now select to attach the Job Description to your advert.

Can we post a rolling advert to build up a talent pool of candidates?

Yes. To do this, you will need to:

1.      Raise individual requisitions for each type of level/job, with a closing date of a year

2.      Set the requisition up to hold multiple headcount against the “Number available” option, so once you hire someone the requisition won’t close.

3.      Be sure to un-post and repost your advert every 3 weeks so it stays visible at the top of our careers site.

4.      Interested talent can submit an application directly to the advert or alternatively, your team can upload the CV/application manually to the requisition, as per training.

A talent pooling facility within TalentLink is being developed; release dates to follow.

How do I create an “Open call” advert to cover level C-E requisitions?

To ensure a positive and clear candidate and user experience, we strongly recommend the following when advertising an Open Call recruitment campaign.

Since your requisitions are at different levels (Chair, Reader, Senior Lecturer, lecturer), separate requisitions will need to be created for each position and separate adverts will need to be published, which in turn will create individual advert links that can be sent to your advertiser- i.e. jobs.ac.uk.

By creating individual requisitions/adverts you will also:

1.      Ensure that each requisition has its own JD/Person Specification included

2.      Ensure that the advert is being sent to interested potential applicants who have signed up for job alerts with Imperial College

3.      Enhance the visibility of our adverts on various search engines such as Indeed and Glassdoor (for free!)

4.      Create a more seamless candidate experience

5.      Reduce the amount of time to sift and reorganise applications which in turn reduces your time to hire.

We recommend adding the links to our careers site for each level requisition at the bottom of your adverts which in turn makes sure that candidates complete the right application form.

To assist your approvers, we strongly recommend that you add in the comments section of the requisition form that your req forms part of an ‘open call’ recruitment campaign.

Can we still place traditional “Open call” adverts with journals?

More traditional forms of advertising, i.e. journals, specialist magazines and newspapers, advertising multiple positions within one advertising space is still be possible.

We recommend adding on the job reference numbers or the links to our careers site for each level requisition at the bottom of the journal advert which in turn makes sure that candidates are going through to the right application form. Please see the example under Templates & Guidance titled “Example open call advert”.

Can you ask a candidate to apply without publishing an advert?

For specialist cases where you require just one candidate to apply and an offer processed e.g. for a 6 month FTC requisition, you can send them a link to apply via email without publishing the advert.

Please email recruitment@imperial.ac.uk for instructions on how to do this.

How can I prove that my advert has met the Resident Labour Market test?

The Date posted and Closing date is listed on the top of your job advert on the careers site. You can print screen this to prove the requisition has been posted for the required 28 days. 

Can we forward approval requests if one of the approval team is away?

Yes, you can do this under the Job Approval tab. There is the option here to forward the departmental or HR/Research/Finance request to another approval member as long as they are setup with the correct approval status.

Are all approval members notified when a request is rejected and amended?

No, the amended approval request only goes back to the approver that did the rejection. If other approvers need to know what has been changed then this will have to be done outside of the system.

Why can’t I login to the careers site using my SSO details? I need to check that my advert has gone live.

This is sometime due to the password and cache history on your web browser. Please try one of the following:

1.       Clear your browsers cache and password history. The following instructions show you how to do so for the relevant browser:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer


2.       Try loading the careers page on a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

I have published a requisition to the careers site, but I can’t see it. What’s happening?

Please be aware that we have scheduled posting times to our careers site which are 6.45am, 10.45am, 2.45pm and 6.45pm, so your requisition will be uploaded at these set times.

If you have selected for the requisition to be advertised on the Imperial College Website only when uploading your requisition form then you will need to login to the careers site with your single sign on details to view the position.

If I need to add /remove / change an approver to TalentLink, who do we contact?

Please email recruitment@imperial.ac.uk. We will need full confirmation of this approver access from your Senior HRM and will need to know the department code that they need to be linked with.

As an approver, can I see my approval history from previous positions or see notes on the wider approval chain?

To view the requisitions you have approved or to view the notes from others in the approval chain, please follow these steps:

1.       Login to TalentLink using your Signle Sign On details.

2.       Use your right dynamic menu to view your history.

3.       Select the relevant requisition.

4.       Click the Job Approval Process tab.

5.       Select View History on the right hand side of the screen.

Can I edit the job title on the requisition form?

You can edit the title of your job requisition up until the requisition is approved. After this, the title is then locked down and you will need to close the requisition and re upload a new one in order to change it.  

Can I edit my job advert after it has been posted to the careers site?

Yes, you can edit anything on the job advert including the job title via the Posting tab. This will update on the scheduled posting times of 6.45am, 10.45am, 2.45pm and 6.45pm.

How do I make hyperlinks active on my job advert?

You need to select the HTML radio button when writing your advert. You can then make the hyperlinks active in that format.

Can redeployee candidates apply to vacancies after the advertising has closed?

Yes – If the job is not yet filled, the RA can send the redeployee candidate a link to complete an online application.

Please email recruitment@imperial.ac.uk if you need advice on how to do this.

Whose responsibility is it to complete the request to recruit form?

The Recruitment Administrator will be responsible, however, how the information is received will vary from department to department.

Can candidates save application forms as they go through their application?

Yes. Applications can be saved and resumed at a later date.

When a new request to recruit comes through is it automatically assumed that it is correct?

No, there is still a second approval process.

Do jobs need to be graded before the request to recruit

When a request to recruit is filled out, the Recruitment Administrator will liaise with HR for review. At that point, if a job evaluation is necessary it will be done prior to the request to recruit going live.

What training do I need?

Classroom training for Recruitment Administrators will be required. Please contact your Senior HR Manager to confirm that you will require Recruitment Administrator training. An approval email from your Senior HR Manager must be sent to recruitment@imperial.ac.uk before training will be scheduled.

Hiring managers and Approvers do not need to attend training classes.  Online training guides are available on our Recruitment and selection procedure webpage. This website also provides continued e-learning support for the Recruitment Administrators.

Some major sponsors expect to see an advert/contract/extensions. Will they be able to see hard copies in the future?

You will be able to print a report of the audit trail to send to major sponsors.

If as a Hiring Manager I put out several adverts through Talent Link. Will I have a single Recruitment Administrator for all of those adverts?

You will not necessarily have the same Recruitment Administrator for all your recruitments.  This will be dependent on the setup within your Faculty/Division.  The list of Recruitment Administrators by department is available on the website.  If there is a pool or you have different RAs for different types of recruitment then you may have multiple RAs to deal with.  You will be able to see clearly and easily who the RA is for each recruitment on the dashboard as soon as you log into Talent Link. 

Once recruitment is finished will information still be retrievable from the system?

Yes, information about hired candidates will be held in the system for the entirety of their employment within the College, information regarding unsuccessful candidates will be archived in accordance with Data Protection laws and the upcoming GDPR regulations.

Will the system flag how long approvals have been in the system?

Yes, you will be able to see who is responsible for approving and the status of the approval.

What happens if an administrator is on annual leave or sick leave?

Other Recruitment Administrators within your team have access to your job vacancies. You can also add them as part of the Recruitment Team when setting up your requisition so they obtain the relevant alerts and see the role on their dashboard.

Will Research Services have the opportunity to add comments regarding approvals?

Yes. Comments are able to be added via TalentLink regardless of approval or rejection.

How will the system know who the approvers are?

All the Department, HR, Finance and Research approvers have been loaded into the system.   Recruitment Administrators will be able to choose the approvers when a vacancy is created. (The Recruitment Administrator will have to know who they are going to choose from a drop down, by entering their name the email for that approver will appear.)

How many Hiring Managers can you have on one post?

You can add additional staff to the operational team but they have to be added in order to track the job.    One person will be designated as the Hiring Manager for the recruitment but all members of the team will have similar access to track and act on the recruitment.

Can you clarify that Talent Link is just for recruitment processes and not contract change requests.

Yes.  Contract change requests will not go through TalentLink.

Will the JD bank be integrated/linked to other systems and will other entitlements be captured here?

No, it will only show job descriptions that have been entered by Recruitment Administrators.

NB. The system does allow you to copy the job advert, but you will continue to pick up the JD from the bank.

Now that we have a process in place, will there be SLAs with clear timescales for each activity?

Initially there will be no new SLAs introduced.  As we gather information about the process new SLAs and KPIs may be developed.

How do we communicate with applicants?

All required communication with applicants can be done via the system. This includes:

Invite or reject for short listing interview and send the contract offer or reject. The system also enables administrators to send an email to candidates with the interview schedule, allowing candidates to select the interview time that suits them best and saving on administration time.

Will candidates account details be integrated with accounts payable?

No – That is not captured as part of the Recruitment process.

Has analysis been done in terms of extra resources and savings being made within departments / faculties?

There isn’t enough baseline data to establish how much time is spent on recruitment processes currently.  However we expect a significant amount of administration time to be saved through the utilisation of the new system and standard processes and that the average time to hire will reduce.  The system will enable us to produce accurate data on the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment processes going forward.

I am still processing some old requisitions in Irecruitment, how long do I have left to finalise these?

Staff will have until January 31st to finalise the vacancy. If on boarding is not complete by 31st January, the recruitment will have to be uploaded into TalentLink for further action. 

Does Talent Link come with an idea of how good 3rd party websites such as jobs.ac.uk are in terms of recruiting?

The new process requires recruitment Administrators to enter the details and costs of advertising and agencies into TalentLink.  This will enable us to generate reports on the effectiveness and value for money of different recruitment websites and other third parties.

What time do adverts close?

They will close at midnight on the date you have selected your advert to close.

If Recruitment Administrators receive feedback from departments who should we contact.

Please raise an ASK HR ticket by emailing recruitment@imperial.ac.uk

What will the Recruitment Administrator training involve?

Attendees will receive training on:

-          Recruitment op model

-          Talent Link ( Including Exercises)

-          View of end to end process.

**Attendance is compulsory for all who will be undertaking the role of a Recruitment Administrator. Access will not be granted to the system until training has been undertaken.