The College Space Sharing Programme aims to ensure the College maximises its use of space to help support the best possible teaching and learning experience

Programme Overview

The Taught Meeting and Seminar (TMaS) Space Programme was established in 2015, as utilisation of College space had consistently been raised as a priority for improvement. Work over the last two years has focused on: development of a Space Policy Framework and subsidiary policies; agreement to commence sharing of space (initially on a clustered approach); establishment of centralised start of day room readiness checks and development of a suite of Space Analytics dashboards.

Chris Banks, Assistant Provost (Space), has taken over sponsorship of the Programme, and in recognition of its extended scope, has been renamed the College Space Sharing Programme. The objectives for the next two years of the Programme are to:

  • Develop and implement policies, which support the College’s intention to deliver consistent, accessible shared space.
  • Improve utilisation of College space.
  • Implement a toolkit to support holistic, evidence- based, strategic decision making.
  • Reduce the College’s requirement  for space from external venues.
  • Deliver a self-service room booking process and system to enable College wide space sharing.
  • Increase the visibility of un-booked space to enable a ‘one stop shop’ for taught, meeting and event space.
  • Agree and implement a room support model to deliver consistent provision.


Please note - if you would like more information about dedicated (non-shared space), please visit the website of the College's Space Management team.