Why is the project needed?

  • There are multiple systems used to book space in the College, but no overall list of the spaces served by each system. Without an overall picture of space availability we cannot plan its use effectively.
  • There is no standard process for booking a room, with some processes being manual and time consuming.
  • Staff are being excluded from booking some spaces by closed booking systems or being unaware of whom to contact.
  • Students can book rooms in the Library, but do not have access to a single source of information for other bookable space.
  • Alumni events are of great value to the College, but there is no agreement on how space is secured for these events, or prioritised against other activity.

The Room Booking Project aims to:

  • Create a single, consistent and transparent view of all bookable space across the College;
  • Provide clear information on policy and access;
  • Implement a booking process which is straightforward and easy to use;
  • Ensure that there is a standardised experience across the College.

The Room Booking project complements parallel work on academic and examination timetabling, as there will be an integrated approach to all bookable space.

Anticipated benefits:

  • Staff time saved through the simplification of administration and removing unnecessary effort and duplication in room booking systems.
  • Reduced disparity in students’ experience across the College.
  • Greater visibility and access to a wider choice of suitable meeting space.
  • Increased transparency of resources, with a centralised inventory of all bookable space (in the Imperial College Location Inventory System (ICLIS)).
  • Easier identification of revenue generating opportunities across the College.

Content Blocks


Work So Far

  • Workshops with colleagues from across the College were held in April 2015, to identify ‘pain points’ in the current room booking system.
  • ‘Voice of’ sessions were held in spring 2016 to catalogue information on room booking systems and processes across the College. These were also used to gather system requirements from stakeholders for a new, College-wide room booking solution.
  • The Sherfield Building Room Booking Study concluded in August 2016, which investigated whether a shared approach to space can bring anticipated positive results, such as reduced administration, greater choice and access to suitable meeting space. The report can be accessed on the Study page.
  • A list of bookable space across the College has been gathered, including room inventory, which will be entered into the Imperial College Location Inventory System (ICLIS).

Current & Upcoming Activity

  • Policies are being developed which will provide clear guidance for Room Booking across the College. 
  • An investigation and evaluation of potential College-wide room booking systems is underway.
  • A room booking reference group is being formed, which will focus on operational requirements.