Welcome to the site for the Sherfield building room booking study, which ran from Monday 18 July to Friday 12 August 2016. The aim of the study was to understand how sharing meeting space across departments impacts usage, access and availability.

Questions and feedback were invited throughout the duration of the study and all participating staff in the Sherfield building were asked to complete a survey once the study had closed. This feedback, along with booking data collected over the study period, has informed an Outcomes Report, which can be downloaded using the adjacent button.

Please explore the FAQs below for further information about the study. Access to the inventories of the meeting rooms included in the study is still available, via the Room Inventories button above. 


I have feedback, who do I contact?

We welcome all feedback – good or bad. Please email Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the study.

If you need help using Outlook, please contact the ICT Service Desk on x49000.

Why did you use Outlook?

The study is a test of behaviours, not technology. We chose Outlook and Office 365 because it is already widely used and requires the least effort to set up with no procurement costs.

Why did we do this study?

We needed to understand how sharing meeting space across departments impacts usage, access and availability. At the moment, each department in Sherfield looks after their own space and keeps close control of access to it. However, all departments also recognise that there is a shortage of space and would like to be able to access more.

By following the tenet that “all space is College space” we opened up access to all staff based in Sherfield to see what happened when people had a wider choice of easily bookable rooms and whether there were any positive or negative impacts from sharing across departments.

This will help the OE Room Booking project team to see how a common, College-wide, booking system would be received and what policies need to be put in place to ensure fair access and usage for all.

The study has the backing of Sherfield senior management who are all interested in learning about room usage and sharing behaviours.

How long did the study last for? When was it?

The study lasted four weeks. It ran from Monday 18 July and ended on Friday 12 August 2016.

What happens now that the study has ended?

Now that the study has ended, everyone has reverted back to their pre-study access levels and methods of room booking. This means some rooms that were added to the Outlook booking system have been removed and others will no longer be so easily available to you. If you were excluded from booking rooms because you are not based in Sherfield, your access will now have been restored.

All your feedback will be collated, along with analysis of actual room bookings, and a report will be issued within four weeks of the study ending.

Which rooms were included in the study?

Most of the meeting rooms in Sherfield were included in the study. You can view the full list on our Inventory page. This has all the information you need about each room’s location, facilities, any booking restrictions, and who the room contact is.

Teaching space (as per Celcat) and the SALC rooms (which are not in Sherfield) were excluded.