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Redesigning and standardising our processes and exploring ways of working in a cross-functional service environment

Project Overview

The Connect project will redesign and standardise our Finance, HR and Research Funding Management processes, focussing initially on those activities which consume significant amounts of academic and professional services time in Department and Faculty service teams. The project will also explore ways of working in a cross-functional service environment which reflect and best meet the needs of the College community.

Vision and goals


Cross-functional collaboration. Staff members from multiple Departments, their associated Faculty and the College Centre will collaborate, follow common improved processes and share work to deliver defined services to their academic end-users.

Streamlined and efficient service delivery. Through operating redesigned, standardised processes.

A tested "Proof of Concept". The design created will be tested, in order that the effectiveness of the design can be evaluated, its benefits assessed and refinements made prior to wider deployment across the College.


Integrated and frictionless service experience. Single points of contact that can deliver outcomes without multiple hand-offs, repeat contacts or duplication of effort.

High-quality processes that are demonstrably followed in a consistent manner.

Clear roles and responsibilities between Department, Faculty and Central teams.

Greater flexibility to cope with variations in demand and to provide cover for key services between Departments over time.