Purchase to Pay Programme (P2P)

The Purchase to Pay (P2P) Programme is an initiative under Professional Service Transformation to empower and staff with the right guidance and information. This will enable them to complete the P2P process independently in compliance with the Imperial College's policy.

P2P is the entire end-to-end process, which involves of procurement and finance. It spans every process, right from spend management, strategic sourcing and vendor management to purchasing, performance management and accounts payable. See figure below for P2P steps.


P2P Steps: Identify Needs, Consider and Evaluate Supplier, Order,generate PO, approvals tasks are done bycollege staff and purchasing department.Receive goods/Services and approve invoices is managed by college staff and payment to supplier is responsibility of Accounts Payable.


We want to make our buying and payment processes easy and simple so that staff can be guided in the correct direction. The programme envisages for Finance & Purchasing to become centres of excellence (COE) for all Purchasing and Payment queries.

Programme Objective

To guide staff towards the college's approved channels of buying, and to ensure the staff is buying the right product/service using the right channel so that we are able to pay the supplier on time. The Programme seeks to review existing P2P processes, organisational structures and approach to service delivery for purchasing along with Supplier on-Boarding and Invoice approvals. These deliverables are categorised into different work streams, which are grouped in to four subject areas.

Projects (Workstreams) of P2P