A new College-wide student information solution

Imperial College London is replacing its student record management systems. Banner will be used to manage the student admission to graduation lifecycle, and provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data.   

Banner is the most widely used HE enterprise system in the world."

Designed solely for higher education, Banner® supports almost 1,400 institutions in 40 countries. Ellucian is the College's selected delivery partner. Ellucian has helped more than five million students at 675 institutions navigate their way to graduation, with many years of experience with complex higher education institutions.

The SIMP Programme is taking a College-wide view to supporting academic and student administration to achieve the collation of high quality real-time information, together with the founding of a frictionless and consistent student experience. The establishment of a College student records system that underpins our curriculum structure and integrates effectively with other systems is at the heart of the vision.

One source of data truth."

A dynamic system supported by efficient administrative processes is essential for the College to be able to respond to Higher Education sector change and regulatory compliance that is moving to real-time continuous and more detailed data submissions that inform teaching and research supervision funding.

The new Banner system will reflect the College’s transition to a modular curriculum structure to provide a greater level of detail at programme, module, assessment and student activity throughout the academic year than has previously been possible. This in turn will provision an accurate overview of College teaching and research activity as well as insight and transparency on our student population.

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The Banner® student information system will provide a comprehensive set of essential features, easy access and workflows to:

  • Empower academic and administrative staff and students through simplifying administrative processes
  • Reduce costs through enhanced efficiencies with workflow that automates processes
  • Improve accountability through supporting the ability to identify trends, compare details and report on progress toward institutional goals
  • Strengthen decisions, manage resources strategically and meet complex reporting requirements.


The Banner® student information system includes the capability to:

  • Engage with students with personalised, multi-channel communications including anywhere, anytime access with Ellucian Mobile
  • Track and integrate events calendar and social media software
  • View enrolment progress through reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Support financial aid planning and accelerate aid awards and payments
  • Ensure transactions are completed in real time
  • Manage and track sponsored research and associated grants
  • Automate day-to-day tasks including the sending of automatic alerts
  • Define academic models that support learning activities
  • Academic planning tools
  • Rely on up-to-the-minute information based on student activity
  • Maintain detailed, consistent and accurate records to support teaching, learning and research
  • Comply with regulatory updates and fulfill institutional and mandated reporting requirements