The focus of the Student Journey is to enable an excellent College-wide student administration service through improved visibility of information and consistency of process. A key component of this is to establish a shared source of truth for student and curriculum data.

Student Journey

Student laboratory

Student Journey overview

Implementing a consistent programme data structure across the College, supported through Banner, will enable:

  • a consistent and visible student module selection process detailing the required core modules and options available
  • visible assessment expectations leading to better student understanding of workload
  • consistent timetable, transcript and handbook information
  • improved transcripts
  • enhancement of the College’s ability to report accurately and in good time for both regulatory and operational reports
  • electronic programme specification and programme information to be published from within Banner to the College's website
  • improved management information and reporting
  • workload transparency
  • reduction in the duplication of effort
  • better decision making
  • process optimisations including automation of certain tasks
  • more efficient timetabling / better use of room resources
  • better planning for future growth
  • improved compliance, reduction in costs and risks.
Student graduation

Student Journey update

Banner will manage the student record and provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data from September 2018. The Programme team is currently working with Ellucian to complete the student lifecycle end-to-end design and configuration by December 2017.

To complement this foundation set-up, work is in progress with academic Departments to capture student record and progression management at a local level to inform the Banner delivery, and to collate current taught provision for Banner programme and module set-up prior to Curriculum Review through the Academic Model project. In addition, the Academic Calendar work is being taken forward to help ensure that student information is migrated in 2018 from OSS to Banner in a robust and safe way.

New for 2018 will be the curriculum structure and Student Record in place in Banner in which to embed Academic Regulations and Curriculum Review. Banner will be used to hold the academic modelled and approved version of taught provision in the form of structured modules. During the 2018-19 academic year, we will need to build the new curriculum structure for new students.
From November 2019 the College will have a new fully modularised curriculum for new students in Banner with our first return to HESA at module and assessment level.