The focus of the Student Journey is to enable an excellent College-wide student administration service through improved visibility of information and consistency of process. A key component of this is to establish a shared source of truth for student and curriculum data.

Student Journey

Student laboratory

Student Journey overview

The new Banner student system will be used alongside CRM Recruit from Sept 2018 to support the 2018-19 admissions cycle. The full Banner student record will be brought into operation for the 2019-20 academic year, aligned to Curriculum Review, to provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data.

Implementing a consistent programme data structure across the College, supported through Banner, will enable:

  • excellent College-wide student administration
  • improved visibility of information
  • consistency of process
  • shared source of truth for student and curriculum data
  • consistent and visible student module selection
  • visible assessment expectations
  • consistent timetable, transcript and handbook information
  • improved transcripts
  • reporting enhancements
  • electronic programme specification and information
  • reduction in the duplication of effort.
Student graduation

Student Journey update

A key aim of the Student Record project is to provide a shared source of programme and student information which can be trusted to provide the most accurate and up-to-date picture of all students at all stages of their progression.

To inform the build of the new Banner solution, nominated contacts in departments have recently validated 525 programmes, and will be approving information on over 3,500 modules by August 2018. This baseline curriculum information will enable departments to prepare for Curriculum Review, with Quality Assurance approvals of the new curriculum due by March 2019.

The new fully modularised curriculum will begin to roll out for new year 1 students from October 2019. Banner will support the current curriculum for years 2-4 students; and new curriculum transition year on year to 2022. The first return to HESA at module and assessment level will take place from November 2019.
The Programme has been working with departments to understand how class list, module, and exam, assessement and progression activities are managed. The focus is to ensure that we capture the local provision that is critical and to understand the inter-relationships of our student systems.
Structured module registration will be activated in Banner for September 2019, improving greatly on what is largely done now in local systems. A richer experience for Departmental administrators will be delivered, including direct access to Banner for data entry and reporting, through a common user interface delivered alongside Banner to provide users with a more seamless interaction with student systems and services.

The Banner® Delivery Timeline provides an overview of activities.