A College-wide approach to supporting academic and student administration to achieve the collation of high quality real-time information together with the founding of a frictionless and consistent student experience.

Student Journey

Student laboratory

Student Journey overview

The establishment of a College student records system that underpins our curriculum structure and integrates effectively with other systems to realise one source of data truth is at the heart of the Student Journey vision.

The new Banner system will reflect the College’s transition to a modular curriculum structure to provide a greater level of detail at programme, module, assessment and student activity throughout the academic year than has previously been possible.

The College will have a modular level student study view at the start of each academic year to help inform business and financial planning and to monitor student performance, in-year, and in real time.

This in turn will provision an accurate overview of College teaching and research activity as well as insight and transparency on our student population.

The Student Journey project will enable:

  • excellent College-wide student administration
  • improved visibility of information
  • consistency of process
  • shared source of truth for student and curriculum data
  • consistent and visible student module selection
  • visible assessment expectations
  • consistent timetable, transcript and handbook information
  • improved transcripts
  • reporting enhancements
  • electronic programme specification and information
  • reduction in the duplication of effort.
Student graduation

Student Journey update

The new Banner student system is currently being used alongside admissions to support 2019 entry. The full Banner student record will be brought into operation, aligned to Curriculum Review, to provide a foundation for all information systems involving student data.

Imperial is focusing on curricula and assessment to ensure learning outcomes and forms of assessment reflect the skills required by graduates for the 21st century. A new modular structure with for-credit modules and variety of assessment to is being established that enables greater choice and flexibility within programmes that evaluate the full range of student achievement and skill. 

A dynamic system supported by efficient administrative processes is essential for the College to be able to respond to Higher Education sector change and regulatory compliance that is moving to real-time continuous and more detailed data submissions that inform teaching and research supervision funding.

To report the data required in modular format and to time, the College is introducing modules agreed through the Academic Model whilst undertaking a Curriculum Review, underpinned by the new Banner Student Records system. Programmes of study that have been through Curriculum Review will be developed in Banner. Continuing students on the existing curricula will be recorded in Banner on the modules agreed through the Academic Model.

During 2018/19 the foundations of the curriculum and student data structures will be put in place, ensuring that taught activity is reflected in a modular way, together with administrative processes to support the management of student registration on modules and module changes for 2019/20 study, with defined start and end date teaching periods.

The Banner® Delivery Timeline provides an overview of activities.