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The new student portal that will replace the current student eService access to student records.

My Imperial is a student portal containing applications and capabilities which will replace the current Student eService.

Designed to provide students with a seamless student record experience as they progress through their studies, My Imperial consists of personalised tiles to facilitate registration and enrolment, progression and end-of year activities.

My Imperial will comprise the following applications:

  • My ID Photograph - for new students to manage their photo student ID
  • My Personal Details - for students to view and maintain their personal details
  • My Passport, Visa and CAS - for overseas students to manage supporting documentation
  • My Student Record - for student programme, enrolment, academic history and results
  • My Milestones - for postgraduate research students to track their milestone information and status
  • My Certificate Address - for entering degree certificate delivery address


My ID Photograph

screenshot of the My ID Photo applicationFor new students to upload their ID Photo.

My ID Photograph is part of the registration process and enables new students to have their ID cards available upon arrival at College, allowing immediate access to rooms, services and discounts. This application enables new students to upload their ID photograph for the Security Office to approve based on College requirements.

My Personal Details

screenshot of My.Imperial application

For all students to view and maintain their personal details.

Student personal data is held securely by the College. The facility for students to be able to view, update and request data updates to their personal information will help ensure the accuracy and consistency of student data across the College.

My Passport, Visa and CAS

My Passport, Visa and CASMy UK Visa or Entry Clearance Details

For overseas students to manage supporting documentation.

The Home Office requires the College to hold student passport details and visas for non-EEA nationals, and to provide students who hold a Tier 4 visa with their CAS number to support their visa application.  Students will upload a copy of their passport and visa (vignette, T4 or other) and maintain their passport and visa details during their studies. For students who hold a Tier 4 visa, the application will also display information provided by the College to the Home Office including their CAS details once generated for download and print as a supporting document for the visa application.

My Student Record

 My Programme and Online Enrolment Cover Page

My Progamme and Online Enrolment Step 1 Programme DetailsMy Programme and Online Enrolment Step 2 Personal Details

 Additional Questions

T&CsConfirmationResults screen on My Student Record

Results return on My Student Record Page 2For student enrolment on their programme of study for the academic year and access to their results.

Students are enroled for each year of their studies. This application will enable new and continuing students to register with the College by checking their personal details and accepting the College terms and conditions for enrolment on their programme of study for the current academic year, download an enrolment confirmation, and view their student record and results during the year.

My Milestones

An overview of the PGR Milestones project was given at the PGR Admin Network on 14 February. Download the PGR Milestones Presentation slides.

For postgraduate research students to view their Postgraduate Research (PGR) Milestones.

The PGR milestones application will replace the current paper-based process to enable the tracking and management of a postgraduate student’s PGR milestones online. The system will record a research student’s academic progress, enable the upload of necessary documents and enable supervisors and assessors to record their assessment and feedback online. Students will be able to view the status of each milestone as it progresses through the approval process.

My Certificate Address

Degree Certificate Address

For students to enter their degree certificate delivery address.

This application will allow students who are finishing their studies on an award bearing programme to enter the address to which they want their degree certificate sent.