Project Overview

The Room Readiness project aims to ensure teaching and learning spaces are fit for purpose and ready for use at the start of the day, before the first session. As there is not a College-wide approach to room readiness, it is anticipated that standardising this across the College will enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Content Blocks


Work So Far & Upcoming Activity

  • Start of day room checks were piloted at the Sir Alexander Fleming (SAF) building between August and November 2015, which included the use of a pilot tool in Google docs. This was well received and has continued as a business as usual activity.
  • A list of duties for Room Checkers has been developed to enable consistent checks across all rooms and a training plan is currently being rolled out.
  • Room layout signage has been developed and deployed across the South Kensington campus, which will enable quicker layout checks.
  • Over the coming months, the identification, development, testing, training and rollout of a tool for room checking will take place. 


The Room Readiness project is anticipated to deliver benefits including:

  • Positive impact on student and staff experience. There will be reduced disruption to teaching as rooms will be fit for purpose and ready for use at the start of the day.
  • Enhanced response time due to clearly defined escalation routes and centralised reporting.
  • Risk avoidance. If severe problems are found during start of day checks, contingency space can be identified as early as possible.
  • Centralised reporting and analysis will enable the identification of common faults and problem areas.