Transition timelines

Plan ahead - important information

There will be a two week pause from midnight 13 October to midnight 30 October when no new jobs can be advertised. For tier 2 / 5, no new jobs can be advertised from 2 October to 30 October.  Jobs advertised before these dates must close for applications by midnight 30 October.

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Plan ahead

Planning a recruitment campaign? Consider the implications of the transition to Talentlink on advertising, assessment and onboarding dates.

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Transition from i-Recruitment to TalentLink for new recs

  • All recs entered in i-Recruitment must close for applications by 30 October.  Therefore 29 September is the last date to enter new recs for tier 2/5.  13 October is the last date to enter all other new recs in i-Recruitment.
  • From 16 October, RA’s will be able enter new recs into TalentLink.  No new recs can be entered in i-Recruitment.  The Request to Recruit form will be invalid from 16 October.  (RA’s must undertake classroom training prior to entering a rec into the new system.)
  • From midnight 13 October until 30 October, no new recs can be advertised.   
  • For tier 2 / 5, no new recs can be advertised from 2 October to 30 October.
  • From 31 October, TalentLink will be fully functional end to end.   RA’s will be able to advertise approved recs through TalentLink.


  • Classroom training of Recruitment Administrators will take place from Mid-September through October.
  • On-line training for Approvers, Hiring Managers and RA’s will be available from 9 October.

Introductory Presentations


  • Two open invitation introductory presentations will be held in September
  • Wednesday 13 Sep, 11:30 to 13:00, Sherfield Read LT (level 5)
  • Tuesday 19 Sep, 12:00 to 13:30, Huxley LT 308
  • All Hands Presentation 13 Sep 2017 (login required to view slides)

Close down of i-Recruitment

  • All recs entered in i-Recruitment will continue to be managed through i-Recruitment.
  • From 21 August to 31 January, all recs within i-Recruitment need to be closed down.   All new staff who are hired via iRecruitment will need to be on boarded into ICIS by close of play January 31st.  Any historical open recs that can be closed should be closed as soon as possible.  Any recs that will be active beyond 1 Feb will need to be copied to Talentlink.
  • From February 1, all I-recruitment records will be unavailable; there will be no access.  All active recs/candidates in process must be copied to TalentLink before this deadline.