What is the Final Operating Model?

The Final Operating Model will introduce a new system and associated processes for the management of casual workers. This will build upon the benefits anticipated from the Interim Operating Model (IOM), by:

  • Eliminating the risks related to workers exceeding their allowed hours and other visa restrictions;
  • Further reducing the effort involved in the hiring and management of casual workers;
  • Providing improved access to the available work opportunities for students and external workers.

Who is being consulted?

Requirements for the new system have been developed and prioritised with input from a broad range of College stakeholders. A procurement panel, which includes departmental representation, has been formed to assess the suppliers’ bids, once received.  The panel will make the decision based on the best fit across all the requirements.

Once a preferred system is selected, the project team will continue to work closely with the User Advisory Group (UAG) to ensure its smooth implementation.  The UAG has been formed with representatives from departments that manage casual workers. The primary purpose of the UAG is to advise on the impact that the proposed process and system changes will have locally, in order to support the successful delivery of the project.

When is this being implemented?

The procurement process for a new system is underway and is anticipated to last approximately 4 months, until the end of the summer period. The implementation timeline will depend on which system is selected, but the earliest this may be in place is winter 2020/21. As more information is known about this phase of the project, this page will be updated with further information.

What can we expect from the new system and processes?

Until the system has been selected, details of what to expect cannot be firmed up.  However, you can get some idea of what might be coming by reviewing the scope document and/or the system requirements.  Both are available to view by Imperial College Staff only.  The selected system is not expected to meet all the requirements, but to be the best overall fit.

Any other questions?

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your query has been answered. If not, you can contact the project team using the button above.