What is the Interim Operating Model?

To ensure that the College complies with all employment and immigration regulations, including the Good Work Plan that came into force in April 2020, changes must be made to the operating model for the management of casual workers.

Although the project ultimately aims to implement a system to support the management of casual workers, there are changes which can be made in the meantime that will help College to achieve this.

The Interim Operating Model will include:

  • Introduction of a dedicated Casual Worker Team
  • New processes for the setup and ongoing management of casual workers
  • Review of College policy for casual workers to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are detailed

The expected impacts are:

  • Significant risk reduction related to Immigration and Employment law compliance (College and individual).
  • Shift of a large part of the burden associated with the recruitment and management of casual workers from the hiring teams, Payroll & Pension Team and HR Compliance Team to the dedicated Casual Worker Team.
  • Where possible technology will be used to optimise and digitalise the processes.

You can review the whole Interim Operating Model by clicking the download button above.

Who is being consulted?

A User Advisory Group (UAG) has been formed with representatives from a range of departments that manage casual workers. The primary purpose of the UAG is to advise on the impact that the proposed process and system changes will have locally, in order to support the successful delivery of the project.

In addition, the project team will be contacting all departments that hire casual workers, in order to understand any barriers to the implementation of the Interim Operating Model and support the transition.

When is this being implemented?

The aim is to have the Interim Operating Model in place as soon as practically possible, in order to achieve the impacts outlined above. This is likely to be the summer period and will be finalised once all hiring departments have been consulted.

The new Temporary Workforce website has been published, including detailed information for hiring departments and workers regarding casual work.  We expect to be adding information and making improvements over the next few weeks.

Any other questions?

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your query has been answered. If not, you can contact the project team using the button above.