South Kensington Imperial

Delivering a modern and streamlined ERP system


The College is undergoing a large-scale programme to transform the delivery of its support services. At the heart of this work is the need to deliver a modern and streamlined ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

The current operational delivery of end-to-end transactional processes are recognised as variable, and in many departments sub-optimal. These often take place across a range of different teams based within central, faculty and local departmental administration supported by an out-dated and heavily customised on premise ERP platform (the system currently in use is referred to as ICIS).

The PST Board wishes to develop the College’s ERP strategy, focused on how it can best implement the use of standardised processes. These would enable the College to make the best possible use of the latest technology, including service management, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning.

Next Steps 

To respond to this challenge, we are now selecting an experienced and suitably qualified external Partner to help us develop the strategy and case for the replacement of our current ERP. Through the new ERP, we want to deliver a modern and effective solution that supports streamlined and consistent ways of working so that the College can take advantage of new and improving technology to minimise ongoing business disruption and technical debt. The new ERP would also allow us to have an aligned, integrated and uniform approach to our future programme of transformation work.

A business plan and case for the future strategy and replacement of our current ERP is going to be developed and submitted for review at the Provost’s Board in September 2021.

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