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Improving the user experience through an enhanced customer interface supported by best practice technology. 

Project Overview 

The College uses an online cloud-based service management platform to manage enquiries and issues from staff, students, suppliers and visitors. To our staff and students this service is known as ASK.

Over the years, the ASK platform has been heavily customised, resulting in a unique version with complex processes and workflow that pose support, upgrade and usability challenges. Following customer experience workshops to better understand our current ServiceNow implementation and opportunities for improvement, the PST Board approved the business case to implement a new best practice instance of the ServiceNow Customer Service Module (CSM) and ITSM (IT module).  

The implementation of the new instance of ServiceNow aims to achieve: 

  • An improved user experience via easy to use and navigate online self-service capability that provides better access to information through targeted communications and single access points. 
  • A single workspace of activity for all key groups (students, staff, faculty, suppliers, etc.) that supports effective service management interactions. 
  • Effective service management software which is supportable, upgradable, and scalable to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • A single data platform from which to perform workflows and provide a single source of truth for reporting. 
  • Establishment of a Centre of Excellence for service management creating a robust support model to allow for continuous improvements to ServiceNow.  

Project Implementation

The Service Management Project team and nominated College representatives from across Finance, Sport, Clinical Trials, CBS, Library Services, Student Financial Support, Timetabling and the Student Hub have worked together to deliver the new ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution for go-live on 31 August 2021.

The new ASK portal is available to search the knowledge base or to contact our services directly. 

For further information, please contact Brendan Whitfield, ICT Product Owner, Cross Functional.