A core strength of the Imperial Community is the skill and insight of over 8,000 staff and 17,000 students. The Student Information Management Programme’s (SIMP) success will depend on harnessing these abilities - ensuring wide engagement, input and collaboration across the College.

Content Blocks



The change management strategy for the Student Information Management Programme (SIMP) will involve:

Central, faculty and department business leads and subject matter experts identifying the right staff and students to support change workshops, local communications, testing and training.

Knowledge-sharing through process mapping, user journeys and system demonstations to understand responsibilities and requirements and to identify opportunities from Banner system capabilities.  

Business readiness measured through participation in change activities and feedback, and early-life review of experience.

Benefits realisation planning to quantify how and when improved processes and project outcomes will begin to show benefit and value in different areas of the College.


Get involved

For January 2020 key contacts were nominated by each department to help shape the delivery for Phase 1.  As well as contributing expert knowledge, participants were responsible for sharing information with colleagues to ensure that there is two-way communication between the Programme and all departments.

Change workshops focused on the management of student record activity and on the impact that Banner would have on local systems and processes. The outputs of these workshops helped towards defining College processes and systems that reduce the need for reliance on local department systems and manual working, where appropriate.

Faculty Education Managers and ICT Digital Partners are members of the Programme governance and are working closely with the Programme to ensure the phased delivery is for the benefit of the College.