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We are taking a College-wide approach to implementing a new student information system that is underpinned by administrative processes to support academic and student administration.

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The Programme is delivering projects throughout 2021. An overview can be found on our Projects overview page.

Student module registrations management

Staff consultation on the module registrations management process has now closed. Your feedback is being used to inform improvements to be delivered as part of the Module Management Phase 2 project for 2021-22 academic year preparations. 

Student Emergency Contact Consent

Consultation on the new Student Emergency Contact policy and procedure has now closed. The new policy, implemented in February 2021, is available to staff from the Central Secretariat Policies, Regulations and Codes of Practice web page. 

Change of Status (Interruption of Studies)

Focused on the creation of an automated process for managing a student’s interruption of studies (IoS) to ensure that the impacts are understood by the student and communicated to all relevant services for appropriate and timely action. Members of the stakeholder project group, led by Richard Thompson, Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Natural Sciences, are mapping the as-is and to-be process to inform process improvements for a student-centred service that is aligned to policy and health assessment procedures, and preparing guidance materials for students and staff.

Marks Entry and Exam Board Reporting

A pilot has commenced with the Business School, CLCC, EEE, BioEngineering, Physics, NHLI, and the School of Medicine who will use Banner to enter moderated marks for module-level outcomes calculations and Exam Board reporting from September 2021 for the 2021-22 academic year. The project is currently process mapping, requirements gathering and validating pilot programme data with the pilot departments.