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Policy development

This policy has been developed with input from staff and student stakeholders from across College, led by: John Seddon (Faculty Senior Tutor, FoNS); Benita Cox (Principal Teaching Fellow, ICBS); Trisha Brown (Head of School of Medicine Secretariat, FoM); Rebecca Middleton (Faculty Eduation Manager, FoNS); Shervin Sabeghi (Student Union Deputy President (Welfare); Kirstie Ward (Quality Assurance); Debra Ogden (Student Services). 

Message from the Sponsor:

Omar Matar, Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering

The College requires all students to provide the details of an emergency contact when they register and enrol annually for their programme. These details are used in circumstances that are in a student’s vital (life or death) interests. Students will additionally be asked to agree for the College to be able to use their emergency contact details in situations where there are serious concerns about their wellbeing and it is considered to be in their best interests that we do so.

The new policy and procedure aims to provide clarity for how and when we will act in a student’s vital interests, and how and when we will act in the interests of, and in response to, a student’s wellbeing needs where they are getting close to an emergency point. The decision to inform a student’s emergency contact will be taken by a specific group of designated College staff who will use their professional judgement in consideration of the student’s personal circumstances at the time, and following consultation with colleagues as appropriate.

Policies of this nature implemented by peer institutions, as well as our own student voice through ICU discussion with student members, have helped to inform its development.

The consultation period has now closed, thank you to all staff members who provided feedback. The policy and procedure will be submitted to QAEC and then Senate in Autumn term 2020.

Policy Overview

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Policy Content

* Why the College requires its student members to provide an emergency contact’s details
* How the College will use a student’s emergency contact details where it is in their vital or wellbeing interest
* The circumstances for which the College does or does not require student consent to inform their emergency contact
* The procedure for staff who consider that a student’s emergency contact needs to be informed
* The designated staff responsible for the decision to inform a student’s emergency contact
* Out of hours advice and emergency contact provision

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Policy Goals

1. To clarify the circumstances under which the College will use a student’s emergency contact details
2. Student understanding for how to provide their emergency contact’s details and make any changes
3. Student awareness of their responsibility to inform their emergency contact of the circumstances they may be contacted
4. To clarify the actions that may be taken and by whom when it is considered an emergency contact should be informed
5. To supersede the interim Vital Interest policy when the Emergency Contact Consent policy and procedure is approved by Senate