Managing Student Module Information and Registrations

The management of student module registrations in the College Banner student system was launched in Autumn 2020 for the 2020-21 academic year.

The challenges working with a joined up end-to-end module management process have been brought to the fore, particularly relating to the processing of changes to curriculum data across systems. The end-to-end module management process has a direct relationship with related Academic Calendar deadlines effectively supporting the student lifecycle key College activities.

In order to capture feedback, staff members were invited to complete the Module Management feedback survey to help us to understand benefits realised through the delivery of new module registrations management capability and improvements that are needed to help consolidate the end-to-end process.

Your feedback is currently being reviewed and will be used to inform improvements to be delivered as part of the Module Management Phase 2 Project for 2021-22 academic year preparations

Survey overview

Staff looking at screens

Survey content

The survey invites feedback on the following processes:
• Communication of degree programme information (9 questions)
• Student access to module teaching materials (13 questions)
• Managing student module registrations (13 questions)
• Using College systems (9 questions)
• Student status relationship to module teaching materials (5 questions)

Staff member working on a laptop

Key activities

1. Major and minor modifications
2. Curriculum roll-over and systems set-up
3. Student elective module selection
4. Student programme enrolment
5. Student module registrations and updates
6. Curriculum and student data validation