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SIMP is a multi-year phased implementation programme, which aims to ensure that maximum benefit is gained from Banner to underpin processes to support academic and student lifecycle administration.

A College-wide strategic view of student administration is taken with Faculty Programme governance members in order to define the SIMP delivery roadmap. Central to the discussions are consideration for strategic alignment, resource availability, benefits and the College’s capacity to absorb the identified change.

2020-21 Projects

Postgraduate research milestones online management delivered 2020

The postgraduate research (PGR) milestones process has started to be managed in My Imperial, with the digitisation of Exam Entry and Thesis Submission significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with these two milestones. Highlights include:

  • Students upload and submit their exam entry form, thesis declaration form and thesis online, as well as view up-to-date information about their ESA, LSR and Viva Examination milestone status whilst paper forms continue to be used to support these processes.
  • Supervisors and Director of Postgraduate Studies (DPS) view and complete their exam entry form and thesis submission actions online, with auto notifications of when actions are due, as well as view information about their students, including name, milestone progress and department information.
  • Postgraduate Administrators (PGA) have an online overview of all their PGR students and their status in the milestones process, decreasing duplicate data store management and email.
  • Examiners now receive a digital copy of the thesis.

The digitisation of Viva Examination, Early Stage Assessment (ESA) and Late Stage Review (LSR) will follow in 2021.

Digital Certificates delivered 2020

The My Imperial student portal provides students with secure online access to a range of official documentation including their registration status or their registration and attainment history at the College. Within a week of publication of a student's results to My Student Record, the student's Pre Award Transcript will be available from My Documents, providing a record of all their final module results. Hard copies of a student's final degree certificate and official academic transcript is sent to the student's Certificate delivery address. New to My Documents is the provision of e-Award documentation which can be downloaded or shared securely electronically with potential employers if a student needs to provide evidence of their degree award before the hard copy documentation arrives.

e-Award documentation for Alumni will follow in 2021.

Student module registrations management delivered 2020

Department Administrators can directly manage student-led module registrations in Banner for the 2020-2021 academic year using a new My Imperial Module Registrations Management tile. Students are registered for their core modules in Banner by Student Records following student programme enrolment. Student-led elective module choices can be entered directly into Banner by departements or returned to Student Records for bulk upload. A Banner to partner system (BlackBoard, Panopto and MS Teams) auto data integration transfers module registration changes made directly into Banner to these systems as a daily refresh.

Banner Module Catalogue delivered 2020

Access to the Banner Module Catalogue is available from the staff view of My Imperial, providing a means to look-up module details in an easy-to-read format. This is the first iteration of the Module Catalogue view of the curriculum as currently held in Banner. A more sophisticated and detailed version will be available later on in the SIMP roadmap. The Module Catalogue can be searched by Subject, Module Title, Module Code, Faculty, Department or a combination of. The Search results page will display the modules returned and the information about the module held in Banner. To accompany the Banner Module Catalogue, a set of complementary Imperial College Analytics (ICA) Curriculum-related reports are available for more extensive analysis.

2020 Projects including HESA, PGR Milestones, Digital certificates, Module Data Integration, Module Registration Management and Module Catalogue are all live

Student experience enhancements coming 2021

The Emergency Contact Consent project is working on the policy and procedure for collection, update and College use of emergency contact details in circumstances that constitute to be in the student’s vital interests, and where it may be in a student’s best interests due to significant concern about their wellbeing. This project is led by Omar Matar, Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering. The stakeholder project group has consulted with staff on the policy and procedure endorsed by Senate, ahead of its implementation in Spring term 2021.

 The Change of Status (Interruption of Studies) project is working to ensure that the impacts of a change to a student’s study circumstances are understood by the student and communicated to all relevant services for appropriate and timely action. This project is initially focusing on the creation of an automated process for managing a student’s interruption of studies (IoS). With strategic oversight provided by the Provost’s Board, this project is led by Richard Thompson, Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Natural Sciences. Members of the stakeholder project group are mapping the as-is and to-be process to inform process improvements for a student-centred service that is aligned to policy and health assessment procedures, and preparing guidance materials for students and staff.

Marks Entry and Exam Board Reporting pilot coming 2021

The project vision is two-fold: to facilitate the College’s end-to end module and assessment results processes for curriculum reviewed programmes. To ensure a College single source of truth for student achievement data and an enhanced experience of mark entry and publication processes.

The project will be working with departments to identify and minimise duplication of assessment and module result data entry processes and associated risks​ and standardise the approach to mark entry processes, moderation and grade scaling practices across the College. Oversight of student achievement data throughout the academic year will be provided via the Banner student information system, supporting timely release of assessment and module results, progression and award outcomes at key points during academic year​. The student experience will be enhanced through access to detailed module and assessment component outcomes via the My Imperial portal. ​

 A pilot has commenced with the following departments: ICBS, CLCC, EEE, BioEng, Physics, NHLI, School of Medicine IBSc pathways, who will use Banner software for module-level outcomes calculations in 2021. ​

 The end-to-end marks entry process including moderation and mark scaling procedures, progression and award calculation will follow in 2022.

Proposed projects for 2021 including Emergency contact consent, Digital certificates for alumni, interruption of studies, Management information, Marks Entry, Staff DAshboard, My Imperial STudent Portal, PGR Milestones including ESA, LSR and Viva, GRaduation and STudent status redefinition