Sherfield and Queens Tower

Rollout plan

As each department is brought into the new room booking system:

  • Rooms owned by the department are setup for booking through Outlook and Planon.
  • All staff in the department are given permission to book rooms via Outlook and Planon.

Rooms owned by the department are setup:

  • with a name in the standard format, <building-code>-<floor., e.g. SHER-04-409 (4), shared 
  • all staff can view the organiser of the bookings in the room calendar
  • the appropriate staff and role accounts are given booking permissions according to the room type (shared, restricted, moderated, open)
Staff in the department are assigned permission to book:
  • Restricted rooms owned by the department
  • All shared rooms, if the department is sharing
  • All open rooms

Shared or role accounts used to book rooms are setup to book the same rooms as staff, but through Outlook only.

Progress to date: 

Rollout is currently paused.

There have been intermittent stability issues with the system and ICT have been working to identify the root causes and put fixes in place.  We are now monitoring the system and will restart the implementation once we are assured that the problems have been resolved and are confident in the ongoing stability of the system.

What to expect

The project team will work closely with each department to agree a specific implementation date and a list of activities leading up to it to ensure a smooth transition.  This includes developing a local communications plan to prepare the staff in the department for the change, training for superusers and moderators, planning the migration of all the current bookings into the new system, and more.  

The project team will be in touch with each department to start the detailed planning. 

After implementation

A few months after the rollout plan is complete, there will be a full review and analysis to determine what is working and what improvements could be made.  There will be a call for volunteers to participate in this exercise when the time comes.