Central Library reflection

"The simple act of bringing people together to create a process map is enlightening in so many ways." Philippa Hatch, Academic Support Manager

Library Services completed a rapid improvement project in January and February 2015, which aimed to streamline the experience of applying for open access funding and reduce the work load for academics and library staff.

Outcomes included:

  • Faster payment of article processing charges (APCs) by raising purchase orders on approval and re-routing invoices direct to Accounts Payable
  • Simpler web pages and a short open access guide that were more user friendly and included non-text based materials
  • APC applications via Symplectic, allowing researchers to apply for APC funding at the same time as uploading their accepted manuscript
  • Creation of a single report from which a range of mandatory reports could be created and which allowed post payment compliance checks

As a result of the RIE the experience of applying for APC has improved and the number of applications being approved by the Library has increased. The biggest gains for users were the result of meetings between library staff and those in Accounts Payable. By completing the RIE process, skills were gained by library staff that have been subsequently used other projects.

Contacts: Philippa Hatch and Judith Carr