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  • Invention filed: E.P. patent pending (2017, EP 2017/17210479.6).

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  • Invention filed: E.P. patent pending (2016, EP 2016/191538).
  • Nominated for the SPARK Award 2017


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  • Provided back cover of the journal.


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  • Invention W.O. patent pending (2014, WO 2014/147211) and E.P. patent pending (2014, EP 2014/055669) licensed to: AHF Analysentechnik, Tübingen/Germany. Press release - split filter for confined primed conversion can be retrieved form here.

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  • Featured in multiple news outlets and scientific blogs among them: Bergman, F. (2015) “Chameleon proteins make individual cells visible” ETH Zurich News.
  • Invention W.O. patent pending (2014, WO 2014/147211) and E.P. patent pending (2014, EP 2014/055669) licensed to two startup companies: DNAWrite, Cambridge/UK and Viventis Microscopy, Lausanne/CH.


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  • Multiple inventions granted: (U.S. patent granted (29 Dec 2015, US 9,221,919); U.S. patent granted (03 Feb 2015, US 8,945,471 B2); U.S. patent granted (31 May 2016, US 9,352,055); U.S. patent granted (25 Oct 2016, US 9,476,830))
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