Imperial Bursary

The Imperial Bursary is one of the most generous bursary scheme of all UK universities. It is available to all Home undergraduates who are eligible for student funding from the Government.

Imperial Bursary

To help balance the cost of London living, all Home students from households with an annual income below £60,000 – whether living at home or away – will receive an Imperial Bursary on a sliding scale from £2,000 to £5,000 per year.

Eligibility is based solely on household income, and the Bursary is available for every year that this remains below the £60,000 threshold.

How can my son/daughter apply?

There is no separate application process. We automatically award bursaries on the basis of the household income information provided to your son/daughter's regional funding authority (e.g. Student Finance England for students from England). This means that your son/daughter must apply for the government's means-tested Maintenance Loan, even if they do not intend to take it out, in order to be considered. They must also have consented to share their information with us.

Unlike government funding which is normally paid in three annual instalments, the Bursary is paid in equal monthly instalments throughout the year direct to your son/daughter's bank account – and they never have to pay it back!

President's Undergraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are designed to reward students of any nationality who demonstrate the highest academic excellence and potential.

Each award is worth £1,000 for every undergraduate year of study, with up to 112 awards available for students beginning their course in 2017.

How can my son/daughter apply?

Each department will nominate candidates for consideration based on their academic potential, as demonstrated in their UCAS application and interview/test performance (where relevant). Students must apply to the College by 15 October the year before their course starts to be eligible. 

If they are awarded a scholarship, £1,000 will be paid directly to your son/daughter's bank account at the start of the first term. This will happen each year that their undergraduate course lasts, and the money does not need to be paid back. 

For more information on bursaries and scholarships, please visit our Fees and Funding webpages.