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All gifts to the Imperial Family and Friends fund help provide:

  • Pastoral care and counselling
  • Learning support or disabilities services
  • Student Union activities

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The day your child chooses to attend Imperial College London is an important day for your whole family.  Your child starts a relationship with Imperial that will test, shape and hopefully inspire him or her throughout a lifetime.  At the same time, your family and the College make a promise to work together to provide the support your child needs to excel. It is this promise that inspired the Imperial Family and Friends Fund. 

At Imperial, we always put students’ health and well-being first, but in the past few years, we have seen an increase in the amount of support students need to complete their degrees.  Many ask for help managing stress or anxiety.  Others, keenly aware of the competitive job market, want to develop their careers or leadership skills.  No matter the need, we have quickly expanded our service provision to meet it.

Committed to providing the best support

Last year our generous, global alumni community contributed almost £25,000 to address this growing challenge.  But as one of the best universities in the UK, we’re committed to providing support services that rival the quality of teaching and research.  Your gift today to the Imperial Family and Friends Fund will help us achieve that goal much more quickly.  All gifts to the Fund provide pastoral care and counselling, learning support or disability services and Student Union activities to help students develop leadership, problem-solving and communications skills.

We’d be delighted to recognise your support in the following ways:

Up to £125

• Listing in our online Donor Roll
• Your personal copy of the Annual Fundraising Report


• Exclusive Family and Friends donor pin
• Invitation to events, including annual Thank You Celebration

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The support services we provide work collectively to help each student experience everything Imperial has to offer.  When you make a gift to the Family and Friends Fund, you are ensuring that your child and his or her classmates can focus on what really matters: completing a world-class degree and preparing for a lifetime of achievement and personal growth after their time at Imperial.

We share a goal – the best possible university experience for your child.  Working together we can ensure that your child graduates with the knowledge, as well as resilience and skills he or she needs to thrive in the outside world.

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