Being Involved in Imperial BRC Research


Research lab with people looking at jarsWhat does working with researchers look like?
This will vary depending on which Imperial BRC theme/s you are working with, however the kinds of things you might be doing include (these could take place in person or over email depending on the activity):

  • identifying research topics which are relevant to patients and the public
  • providing your perspective on a research proposal e.g. Is it ethical? Is it important to patients? Will patients/the public want to take part in the research study?
  • making sure information to be read by patients and the public is simple and straightforward
  • giving your perspective on research results which may not be obvious to researchers
  • suggesting ways to recruit people to join research studies (as subjects) and stay involved in the study until the end
  • making sure research results are communicated to patients and the public in a clear and simple way
  • reviewing how patient and public involvement can impact research results and researchers

What experience do I need?
You don’t need to be an expert in any of the theme subjects or have any experience in patient and public involvement to apply, although it would be preferable if you had an interest in one (or more) of the research themes.  PERC offers training and support.

We encourage applications from young people and those from diverse communities as “broadening the diversity of lay partners and participants” is a key part of our vision.

What is the time commitment?
We think that this role will take up to 3 hours per month depending on how much activity is taking place in the themes you are interested in and how involved you wish to be. There is no specific time of day when you will work with researchers, this will depend on when you and them can arrange to meet/speak.

Term: You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Where?  The majority of researchers within the Imperial BRC’s research themes are based at the Imperial College campus next to Hammersmith Hospital on Du Cane Road, W12. It is likely you will need to travel to this campus to meet with the researchers. Travel expenses will be paid in accordance with INVOLVE’s Policy on Payment of Fees and Expenses (February 2016).

Payment: PERC and the Imperial BRC believes that members of the public should be rewarded for their time and follows NIHR INVOLVE’s Policy on Payment of Fees and Expenses (February 2016).

Apply here: To express your interest in being involved with the Imperial BRC's research, please complete this online form.

Contact us: If you have any questions about these opportunities or applying, please email  or call (+44) 020 7594 9774.