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Adolfo Bronstein is Professor of Clinical Neuro-otology at Imperial College London and a Consultant Neurologist at Charing Cross Hospital and at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London. He heads the Neuro-otology Unit in the Division of Brain Sciences at Imperial College and Honorary Professor at UCL Intitute of Neurology.  Professor Bronstein is chairman, British Society of Neuro-otology, and president of the Neuroscience section of the Royal Society of Medicine.

He has written over 200 hundred papers on clinical and basic aspects of eye movements, balance and spatial orientation. His book, ''Dizziness, a practical approach to diagnosis and management'', has won a ''High Commendation'' at the 2008 BMA Medical Book prize Competition.  He is associate editor of Gait and Posture and on the editorial board of  Journal of Vestibular Research, Auris-Nasus-Larynx, and Frontiers in Neurology.

Professor Bronstein is an enthusiastic teacher of neuro-otology and balance disorders in European and world neurological societies. In 2008 he obtained the Nylen-Hallpike Prize of the Barany Society for outstanding contribution to clinical neuro-otology. His current research interests are the high order mechanisms involved in central compensation of peripheral vestibular disorders, funded by the Medical Research Council.

He has been invited to give plenary talks and teaching sessions at the World Congress of Neurology, both European Neurological Societies (ENS and EFNS), and numerous neurological and ENT societies worldwide.

Professor Bronstein's current active collaborations include internationally: University of Berlin, University of Basel, University of Munich, University of Grenoble, University of Marseille, Mayo Clinic.  His collaborations within the UK include UCL, King’s college, University of Westminster, and Southampton University.



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