Imperial College London

Mr Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Research Postgraduate







3.59ERoyal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





I am a Palaeontology PhD student at Imperial College London. My research focuses on the evolution of diversity on land using statistical and Earth System Modelling tools, investigating the taphonomical patterns in the preservation of Late Cretaceous terrestrial vertebrates (particularly dinosaurs) and mitigating megabias in the fossil record, in order to better understand palaeodiversity patterns in deep time.

I have also studied Mesozoic marine reptiles from the Tethyan margin, sauropod tail comparative morphometrics and Gondwanan theropod dinosaurs.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Chiarenza AA, Foffa D, Young MT, et al., 2015, The youngest record of metriorhynchid crocodylomorphs, with implications for the extinction of Thalattosuchia, Cretaceous Research, Vol:56, ISSN:0195-6671, Pages:608-616

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