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Dr Aubrey Cunnington

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Medicine

Clinical Senior Lecturer



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I am a Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. My research focuses on the interactions between hosts and pathogens which result in severe infectious diseases, particularly relating to malaria. I am interested in understanding why some people get very ill and die from malaria, whilst others have a less severe illness. I am also interested in understanding how malaria causes susceptibility to other infections, such as Non-Typhoid Salmonella bacteremia. I have recently been awarded a MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship to investigate the host-pathogen interactions which cause severe malaria.

You can read more about severe malaria in my recent article: "Piecing together the puzzle of severe malaria" Published in Science Translational Medicine


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Another aspect of my work focuses on understanding susceptibility to infections in children with Sickle Cell Disease. This work is undertaken in collaboration with Dr Subarna Chakravorty and has been generously funded by The Rosetrees Trust.



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